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  1. Strange that the black jersey is missing in this photo, they got 2 orange jerseys instead
  2. Not a good idea, to put it mildly. NBA uniforms are crappy enough already. Nike, you think outfitting the NBA is a gold mine ? Maybe not, your jerseys will have another brand logo on the front, right next to your swoosh (NBA will now allow manufacturer logo on jersey) And hopefully merchandise sales will go down as well.
  3. Pretty sure the military also had/have plenty of black folk. High ranking officers too, why are you saying white guys?
  4. AH-64 Apache attack helicopter BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter CH-47 Chinook helicopter wonder why no one had a problem with those names, bringers of death and destruction is cool ? Well, I think it´s cool, just amazed that others didn't get their panties in a bunch, must have named them before the PC/easily offended age ?
  5. But that is not a screencap, that is a full video that habsfan posted
  6. Went to a basketball game and a soccer game broke out.
  7. The news of the chromaflex neck batter logo pisses me off, as a jersey collector i always loved to see the embroidered batter logo up close, and see the color matching of the batter logo and the team colors. take a look of how bad chromaflex looks on a jersey compared to twill logos: .
  8. Right, strange that home and away Warrior jerseys have the logo as a patch on the front, but the grey jersey does not. Only thing to do is to buy the authentic jersey with the twill logo, it absorbs the sweat, and it´s only about $300 if you can even find one, i can´t find them online. nasty scratches by the way, cut your damn nails !