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  1. Strange that the black jersey is missing in this photo, they got 2 orange jerseys instead
  2. Pretty sure the military also had/have plenty of black folk. High ranking officers too, why are you saying white guys?
  3. AH-64 Apache attack helicopter BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter CH-47 Chinook helicopter wonder why no one had a problem with those names, bringers of death and destruction is cool ? Well, I think it´s cool, just amazed that others didn't get their panties in a bunch, must have named them before the PC/easily offended age ?
  4. The news of the chromaflex neck batter logo pisses me off, as a jersey collector i always loved to see the embroidered batter logo up close, and see the color matching of the batter logo and the team colors. take a look of how bad chromaflex looks on a jersey compared to twill logos: https://goldinauctions.com/2015_Christian_Colon_World_Series_Game_5_Used_Road-LOT20122.aspx .
  5. Right, strange that home and away Warrior jerseys have the logo as a patch on the front, but the grey jersey does not. Only thing to do is to buy the authentic jersey with the twill logo, it absorbs the sweat, and it´s only about $300 if you can even find one, i can´t find them online. nasty scratches by the way, cut your damn nails !
  6. Right, plastic does not breathe. With these new jerseys your butt/crotch might be nice and cold but your neck will be Schweddy
  7. Well, it´s not as bad as the new NHL.com , that´s for sure
  8. Thanks for the info logomaker, so the neck logo is now the shiny metallic looking plastic !? I :censored:ing hate that , makes no sense when the script or team logo on the jersey is twill fabric
  9. New specs on the flexbase jerseys from majestic´s webshop: • Patented mesh Air Belt™ for better air flow and less bulk under pant line• MLB center back neck CFX® silhouetted batter patch Anyone know what CFX is ?
  10. Post a poll here on sportlogos.net to get your assumption verified, it´s the only way we will know for sure.
  11. I believe Nike had mesh diapers on their soccer jerseys about 10 years ago ? For both euro clubs and international squads ?
  12. For sure, blue cap with this jersey is better. Also i wonder if blue script would be nicer on this jersey. there is an awful lot of red !
  13. Meh, Phillies cream jersey blow these red ones out the water
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