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  1. *nearly two months later* Long story short, school has been kicking my behind and life has just been crazy, but I've been working on the UBA and Ferris Wheel when I can. Finally, up next: San Francisco Miners The San Francisco Miners entered the UBA in 1984, quickly winning their first championship in 1989 and acquiring the best pitcher in UBA history, SP DeAndre Robinson. However, despite having Robinson’s multi-award winning arm at the forefront of the San Francisco rotation (and all pitching stat categories) from 1986 to 1997, the 1989 championship is the only title to show for it. The Miners have only made the playoffs four times since, most recently in 2013. However, with a second place finish in 2019 with 83 wins and a young homegrown roster, the Miners are well-equipped to chase their second title soon. 2018 Continental League MVP 1B Gustavo Ramirez is just 24-years-old, but he leads the offense and has easily taken over as the face of the franchise. Ramirez bats third and is followed by 27-year-old CF Robby Salazar, who lingered on the free agent market for a while over the past offseason before signing a one-year deal with the Miners to reestablish his value. With a monster season in which he led the CL in WAR, Salazar established himself once more as a top player in the league after years of injuries and should be handsomely rewarded this offseason. So too will 29-year-old LF Tetsukazu Aihara, the CL’s batting title winner for 2019, and 32-year-old SP Pat Cox, the ace of the rotation. Despite those losses, the future is bright, as San Francisco has six Top 100 Prospects, including 18th ranked SP Troy Pritchard, who established himself as a future star with a solid age-23 debut season in 2019. The Miners played around with a yellow and black color scheme upon joining the league in the 1980’s, but quickly adopted a metallic gold and black look in the 1990’s. The one cap features the primary logo of interlocking city initials, a staple since 1984, while the secondary logo seeks to tie two pickaxes into the identity. The Miners were named for the city’s history in relation to the California Gold Rush, hence the emphasis on gold in the identity. The team of DeAndre Robinson has stuck with that look since the 1990’s, adding two alternate uniforms in recent years that have attempted to diversify the look a bit. The unique black alt with pinstripes is worn on select Friday night home games, while the second black alt is worn during roughly a third of San Francisco’s away games. Thanks for viewing! I've been experimenting with some rough jersey swaps for fun, so I included those here, even if they're not perfect (anyone want to buy me Photoshop??). The secondary logo is based off an old Milwaukee Brewers logo, which I was originally using as a framework for my MLB Ferris Wheel Brewers concept, but decided to use here instead. The black and gold pinstriped uni is based off one of Vanderbilt's jerseys. The Miners may get a similarly inspired gold alt in future updates as well, if I decide I want to add another jersey to their rotation. So, what are your thoughts?
  2. I love this, foolish as it is! Can we see a jersey swap with how Super Bowl XXXVIII would work as patch on front of the jerseys? (I'm kidding, but it'd be funny to see how much space it would take up)
  3. I love Cleveland's colors, they look great! As for the Yankees, yeah, I propose just straight up replacing the navy with maroon, so maroon pinstripes and a maroon logo, etc. It'd be similar to the Phillies of the 70's and 80's, but I absolutely think there should be a maroon MLB team.
  4. I had to do that as well. You might want to keep that tab open for when the Orioles come up though, because I think that'll be a little surprising too! As a slight spoiler though, the Cardinals make more immediate sense where they end up. One of those three cities does indeed receive the Brewers, though I found myself also making arguments to put them in Boston, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Minneapolis/St. Paul, or Chicago too, as a lot of cities take pride in their beer, their craft brewing histories, or the number of pubs they have (not to mention their coffee!). As for the Cascades, that was also an idea I entertained, but since I already made a Seattle Cascades concept here, I figured I wanted to challenge myself elsewhere. There are a lot of beautiful natural wonders in the country that can fit in for the Rockies, [hint] not just mountains . Similarly, there are a lot of places for park Rangers to find work... anyways, I think y'all will like what I've got planned for the Rockies' replacement! Unfortunately, the placement of the Red Sox and White Sox aren't terribly interesting as far as different interpretations go. I placed them into east/central cities with long histories of baseball where they could've conceivably evolved from formerly being named the Red/White Stockings. That being said, their concepts won't be as simple as changing the city name on the away uniform either. As for the Reds, there's a bit of interpretation to their placement, but not as much as if I put them in Colorado or Arizona (despite that being a great idea!). @Brian in Boston is right in that I took out Cleveland to make things a bit easier for me, but I'll add Cleveland Rockies to my list of teams to mess around with once the Ferris Wheel is complete. Lastly, while the Rockies and Phillies brands "are kaput," their fonts and jersey striping patterns and such will continue to influence the concepts in a way that is hopefully recognizable. Thanks to all who've chimed in, I really appreciate it. I plan to have the Brewers up either late tomorrow or on Saturday!
  5. The Cubs' home and Twins' away have to be my favorites so far. The orange and blue really work for Chicago, while forest green pinstripes on a sand jersey is out of the box but amazing. I'm not sold on the Rangers, but I understand the reasoning. If there's a team that shouldn't go away from the red and blue color scheme, I'd point at the Rangers though. I'd put my hat in the ring for a Dallas Stars version of the Rangers as there's not enough green in the league. In a similar vein of thought, I think Miami is good in the Miami Vice colors, but I would always vote for a return to the teal, black, and silver days. Lastly, I know maroon is literally blue and red combined, but I think the Yankees would look pretty good in just a solid maroon set... (though the Jets colors as @DNAsports recommended would look pretty good too!).
  6. All I'll say is that one of you has it right! I've been rather blown away from the support for this, so thank you all. Toronto Blue Jays -> Milwaukee Blue Jays The Blue Jays will make their nest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The blue jay itself can be found throughout southern Canada and eastern and southern states in the US. I also considered that the Toronto Blue Jays and Milwaukee Brewers both joined the MLB in the same decade (despite previous iterations of the Blue Jays in Philadelphia 1944-1945 and a former Milwaukee Brewers franchise in 1901). Both franchises use of modernized retro looks also made for a fun concept. So, the colors come from Milwaukee's logo, with the blue jay itself replacing the BiG logo and taking on its colors. The maple leaf is out, while an outline of Wisconsin is in (many Brewers teams have worn Wisconsin-based alternate logos in the past, so this outline comes from this one). Gone is the barrel-like font and instead comes a new font, one that I feel like mixes the Blue Jays and Milwaukee well. The wordmarks have the royal blue subtly within the navy, a nod to the Blue Jays' split font, but also recognizing that Milwaukee doesn't use the royal a lot already. The number goes on front, ala how Milwaukee already does it, while the bird logo makes it onto the sleeve and the cap. The wordmark is pushed to the left so that the letters aren't split by the shirt opening. Someone may have already guessed where the Brewers are headed, but y'all will have to wait and see where they set up shop. If you wanted to see this lovely 90's logo revived though, then you're in the right place!
  7. Thank you all for your involvement! Out of the 32 suggestions so far, roughly 4 are correct, but I won't tell you which ones quite yet. There are some great ideas here that I wish I'd thought of before though. One rule I made for myself, that I forgot to include above, is that no nickname will return to a city where it's been before. So, no New York Giants, Boston Braves, Philadelphia Athletics, etc. I'll also add that I had the Yankees getting moved to Boston on my list for awhile, but ended up switching it elsewhere. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I really would've enjoyed messing with both Yankees and Sox fans, but the almighty Ferris Wheel wouldn't allow it. Sacrifices had to be made and I have all the teams planned out already, but I may have to do some extra swaps at the end for combos such as the Boston Yankees that didn't make the list.
  8. Inspired by mcrosby's excellent NBA Moniker Carousel, I've been working on what I'm calling the MLB Ferris Wheel. The rules are fairly simple, the nickname of the team gets moved to another city and then that city's nickname gets similarly moved. This will cycle through all the 30 teams, with nicknames being placed where I could justify them making sense. All are linked together in a circle, which I will post a graphic of once I have a couple teams up. The Rockies and Phillies will be the hardest to move, so I'm allowing myself to create "equivalent nicknames" for both, which you'll see later. I also replaced Cleveland with the Montreal Expos in the cycle, which will mean that Montreal gets a new nickname and the Expos go to a new city. All clear? Let's hop to it then: First up: Los Angeles Dodgers -> Toronto Dodgers According to Wikipedia, "Toronto currently operates the largest streetcar system in the Americas in terms of track length and ridership," which makes it a natural fit for a team originally called the Trolley Dodgers. The royal blue and red color scheme come from Toronto's logo, as does the maple leaf. Two blue stripes on the sleeves and the split-style font appears in the cap T and the numbers. As for the Dodgers, direct nods include the wordmark, red number on front, the structure of the primary logo, and the block letter shaped T. The "Toronto" wordmark comes from the letters in the "Dodgers" and "Los Angeles" scripts. Any guesses for where the Blue Jays will fly to?
  9. This looks like it'll be cool! I'm excited to see how it turns out, particularly that '04/'21 Blue Jays look
  10. You could also adapt a Nuggets-like or Astros-inspired tequila sunrise? For font styles, maybe something along the lines of the Hollywood sign? This carousel idea is genius
  11. Congrats on finishing the CSL, Oakland was a great way to finish up the league. I love the simplicity of their crest and you can't go wrong with the green and gold color scheme! Oildale's clash has to be my favorite of the second league so far -- that oil rig side pattern steals the show. Great work!
  12. Dang, these are all top-notch stuff. I think Toronto is my favorite so far, but everything else is just as good.
  13. Love this idea! I wonder if it'd show up well from a distance though -- would larger 'stars' or thicker lines help?
  14. The logos with the color schemes look great! Do you think one of the alternate jerseys, maybe the red one, will have the secondary logo on the front?
  15. My vote is for that middle logo as well. I love seeing all this development of your work though. It's not something we always get to see, so thanks for sharing your design process with us!
  16. San Francisco is up next! @Shizznick, @jbird669, @TheGiantsFan -- thanks for your comments and compliments, I'll have a round of updates up soon! I got to thinking a couple weeks ago about what some of these jerseys would look like in real life, and one thing led to another, so here are some somewhat rough jersey swaps for Philadelphia and the yet-to-be-unveiled San Francisco team. Two young stars of the UBA are seen here rocking their teams' uniforms within my own adaptations of the Topps' 1985 and 1986 baseball card designs. In the process of moving over my designs to do the jersey swaps, I decided to move up the number on the Philadelphia home jersey, as it looked awkward lower down. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Great presentation and execution of your idea! I really like the addition of the gold, as its prominence in the logo IMO means it should be featured on the uniforms. This did a great job at that.
  18. Great job on all of these! It's fun to see all the jerseys side by side like that. I love the Utah rebrand -- the unconventional colors really work well together, and the font is great as well. The musical staff design is a great touch too.
  19. Thanks for your detailed response to my comments! It’s impressive to see how much you’ve thought things out, especially with your explanations behind why teams look the way they do. I’m glad you liked some of my suggestions (Del Norte looks great with the black clash — I agree that it makes the Native American pattern stand out much more) and took time to respond to all my points. For Mt Diablo, I wonder how it’d look if you made the D taller, the D more clearly a D, and then intersected the center point of the M and W with the top and bottom of the D. As for State of Jefferson, I took a look at the link on German soccer crests that you provided and it helped me understand your thinking there a lot more and appreciate State of Jefferson’s crest as it is (and several of your other designs too). The influences of Werder Bremen, SV Waldhof Mannheim, and B Moenchengladbach with hints of BV Borussia Dortmund are clear. I’d still push to involve black into the crest and the home kit more, due to it’s strong presence in State of Jefferson’s flag and seal, but I understand that that could be encroaching upon the territory of Monterey’s new clash. I’m excited to see Humboldt, and SC Golden Gate looks great. I like the fading pinstripes and the fog-inspired clash. I think “Soccer Club of the” may be too small to include into the crest, but otherwise it’s all damn near perfect. For Solvang fB, I think you could do a sorta sublimated cityscape type thing with the windmill and neighboring buildings right above the sponsor. Similar to how the buildings are over “Philadelphia” in the 76ers’ new city jersey. That way you can avoid any inadvertent imagery of other things... Thanks again for the response and keep the concepts coming! It's great to see the level of effort put into all of these.
  20. I messed around with adding stitching to the other side of the ball, but ended up not liking it. As for the space needle S, I'm not sure if I'll put a closer view of it up on here unless I end up working more on it in the future. I want to focus on other teams now though, so it may be some time before I do that. As for the Jacksonville script, I'm thinking it may just look better without the in line, so I'll mock up a change over the next few days to get everyone's opinion on that before making a change again. **** Time to visit the "The Athens of America" in the "Keystone State"... The Philadelphia Penns’ origins come pre-UBA, as the traveling Pennsylvania Base Ball Club was quite successful in the early 1900s. As such, the original name for this UBA original team was the Philadelphia Pennsylvanians, but due to sportswriters shortening it so often for newspaper headlines, they officially became the Penns in 1933. With two titles as the Pennsylvanians in the 1920s, a whopping seven titles from 1961 through 1972, and two more in 1982 and 2012, Philadelphia has the 4th most titles in the league. The Penns have also outlasted their former Continental League rival in Pittsburgh (who moved to Minnesota for the 1950 season) and the cross-town Philadelphia Founders (who moved west to LA after the 1956 season) to earn their position as Pennsylvania’s one and only UBA team. Most recently, the Penns returned to the playoffs in 2018, only to get taken out by Houston in the Divisional Round, 3 games to 1. While returning much of the same offense as the 2018 team, the 2019 team finds themselves deep in third place in the CL's East Division, 21 GB of first place Baltimore primarily because of injuries to their rotation. The Penns sport the worst rotation in the CL in terms of ERA, and only their #3 SP Ryan Jones hasn’t missed signifiant time due to injury. At age 39, 3-time All-Star SP Peter Fromm was brought in last offseason to provide a stabilizing force atop the rotation, but has just 51 innings pitched as of mid-August, while fellow free agent pickup 30-year-old SP Jorge Teran has only 77 innings, though he’s done for the year with forearm inflammation. But hope is not lost for next season, as Philadelphia has the 6th best minor league system in the UBA and over $80 million to play around with in free agency. 23-year-old SS Oscar Samano (who already owns a Gold Glove and an All-Star nod) and 25-year-old 3B Jason Lohse will be around for years to come, while 3-time All-Star RF Fernando Novoa continues to mash and mentor at age 35. From their franchise's origins in the early 1900s, the Penns sport a simple keystone logo from Pennsylvania’s status as the Keystone State. A stylized P has also always been part of the team’s look, to represent both Philadelphia and the state. While originally a red and blue team, the Penns took the departure of the other two PA teams as a chance to refresh their look in the late 1950s by being solely a navy ballclub and then lightening that and adding yellow right as the team became a dynasty during the 1960s. The light blue and yellow is similar to the shades in Philadelphia’s city flag, but are deeper shades. Additionally, the team sported an all-yellow look in the late 1970’s with blue pinstripes that also may return as a throwback at some point too. The pinstripes and keystone logo over the heart emerged in the 1960s too, while the pinstriped away and alternate were inventions from the late 1990s that have stuck around. The home uniform is a classic, though the Penns wear their alternate for about a third of their home games and the throwback for a few games here and there over the course of the season. The alternate can also be worn on the road, for about a third of their away games, with plain gray pants with the same blue and yellow piping down the leg taking the place of the home whites. It's a little unconventional to have a pinstriped top without pinstriped pants, but the Penns wear it with pride. Home: Away: Potential other Away idea: Alternate: 1940s-1950's Throwback: SFGiants58 has made a couple Philadelphia concepts that have toyed with a navy and yellow color scheme (here and here), but I hope the different shade of blue here helps distinguish my Philadelphia concept from his. I didn't want to make yet another red and navy Philly concept (except for the throwback), so I took the shades of blue and yellow found from the Welcome to Pennsylvania sign seen entering the state by highway. The keystone shape was also adapted from that sign. As for the uniforms themselves, I wanted to make a team inspired by the Cubs -- pinstriped and the primary team logo over the chest. I was also thinking about these two Indiana Pacers jerseys from the NBA, and their new City? Icon? Earned? insert-random-nike-term-here jersey. The nameplate idea for the back came from looking at old Twins' jerseys from the late 1990s / early 2000s, as they sported a nameplate as they wore pinstripes both home and away. It also represents a slight nod to the Flyers' nameplate, which felt needed for a team called the Penns with a yellow shade that could perhaps be more Pittsburgh than Philadelphia... Lastly, I included a second away option because I'm stuck choosing between the two away ideas I have (option 1 being "PHILA." and option 2 being a gray version of the home). I didn't want to cram Philadelphia onto the away jersey, so I stuck with PHILA., something the 76ers use and that the Phillies used way back when. I'd rather not make PHILA yellow with a blue outline, because then I feel that encroaches on my Denver concept, but I'm not sure if I want to stick with the logo on the chest for the away jersey either, as that would be cool for continuity between the three jerseys but leave none of them openly stating the city name. Anyways, let me know what y'all think!
  21. I'd echo what these two have said here. Sometimes people don’t get many comments when their designs appear completed and well put together — IMO, it’s easier to comment a critique or point out something obviously wrong than it is to make a substantial, meaningful compliment when the designs are at the level that yours are at. I think all of your designs are just well-designed and your explanations make any of the, per se “shaky” designs, make sense within their context. I'll try my best to give you some constructive criticism though, but take it with a grain of salt since my only "design experience" has come from scrolling through these boards for years and only recently trying to design my own things. I've divided your designs into four categories ("favorites," "great," "solid & good," and then "I like it, but..."). I would say as a disclaimer that I genuinely like all your designs as is, so these comments are just ideas on how I'd aim to improve upon what you've put together so well already. If anything, I hope they just give you a fun idea here or there for your designs. Favorites (mostly just praise with very few ideas to improve, if any) - Roses AFC: probably my favorite so far. The crest, the colors, the thorny pinstripes, the rose gold clash…fantastic. - Hollywood: aww man, black and gold! Art Deco crest! Hot pink clash! This hits all the right things for me. - Lancaster-Palmdale: sleek is the word that comes to mind. Silver, black, and white are perfect for this team and the modern feel is easy to love. - Silicon Valley: the colors and the patterns and the app-like crest all just fit together. Well done. I think I’ve commented before that I found the crest perhaps too minimalistic, but it’s grown on me. I like how the three horizontal parts of the S are representative of the three crossings (and helps explain why the V is shorter than the S). - OC: I love orange, I love the “rather-abstract” OCU monogram, and I love the sun rays around the crest. Well-executed all around and the green and orange clash is a really nice touch as well. - Elk Grove: blue and orange = yes please, antler pattern = yes please, the crest = I just like it. - Sporting Oceanside: the surfboard crest with the interlocked S and O is my favorite part. I don’t know if this team intentionally is built around designing a kit that could be worn with khaki shorts and some boat shoes, but it reminds me that. The waving flag / ocean waves clash = love it. I’d honestly put that as home and relegate the other to clash. - Fresno: unique. I really enjoy the color scheme here, the multi-colored pinstripes on the home, and the simplified map on the clash. I think you could also toy around with a tree-inspired clash too, given the green and brown color scheme. Great - Barstow: this may sound weird, but I’m a sucker interstate highway sign inspired soccer crests! This team is just great as is, and I like the patterns on the kits too. I am curious how it’d look if you made the home kit either a monochrome highway sign green or the red and blue from the standard issue interstate sign. - Inland Empire: I like the simplicity of the crest, the IE monogram, and the colors. My favorite part of the jerseys is probably the subtle arrowhead pattern on the clash. - Modesto: orange and brown is underrated. I like the cattle brand inspired crest too, and the yellow and black clash is great too. - Atlético: I enjoy everything about this. I do miss the pinstripes from the hand drawn clash, but the new pattern for your clash is great too. - Deportivo: this is another team that I just genuinely like, top to bottom. I really like the striping on the kits and the crest is well done too. Your initial drawing came across a bit as a Padres-esque yellow and brown in the light, which I think it could be cool to see this team in too. - Racing Bakersfield: this team feels like an old-school diner in all the right ways. The colors are great, the patterns are great, and the crest is great. I think the crest itself could benefit from having bigger checkers, so they stand out more on the kit, but all in all, it’s a great looking team. Solid & Good - AC Monterey: the two reds work well together, especially with the striping on the home and I like the colors of the clash as well. Simple crest, yet effective. - Slo Town: this falls into the simple, no change necessary category. Solid crest, solid colors, solid kits. - Del Norte: I like the colors and the yellow shoulders/sleeves. It evokes the crescent from the logo well. The Native American pattern on the clash is well placed too, though I wonder if perhaps it would work better on the chest, behind the sponsor. I’m also not against the majority of the clash being gray, but I do wonder if perhaps it would look better in all black. - Russian River: damn, I like that green clash a lot and it’s crazy pattern too. The waves on the home kit are a great touch too, the red and blue contrast well, and I have nothing critical on the crest. - Salinas: The strawberry-inspired clash is awesome, and the color scheme in general is a win. I like the crest, but I do think the S could do with more space around it so it’s not touching the white rectangular outline. I Like It, But… - Mt. Diablo: I appreciate the hidden M, W, and D within the crest, but it feels to me as if it’s too simple and I’m not sure I would’ve picked up on the letters without the explanation attached. I think that the rich maroon/red is perhaps too dark next to the black as well and that more contrast is needed or a third color between the maroon and black (maybe tan or a sandy color?). With that, I love the fading mountains on the clash. - Capital City: Colors = love, Kits = love. As for the crest, I looked at the sign you’ve based it off of and I think you’ve matched that well. However, I think in making the crest from the sign, you should add an outline or two around it all (like in your hand-drawn version) since currently the navy “Capital City Soccer Club” seems rather unconstrained in the center of the logo (especially on the white background), and the white stands out rather starkly on the home kit since it’s the only white on it at all. - Paso Robles: I think the text on the crest is perhaps too small and too far up/down on it, leaving a lot of space in the middle. I think this could be solved pretty simply though by arranging it more like your original drawing. I like the colors too — especially how the claret represents the wine. I think the shade of claret could be a little more maroon though, though that’s more a minor minor nitpick on my end. - Maritime: I like the striping patterns on both kits, and the blue-white combo is great. I get the reasoning behind the nautical flags on the shoulders, but I wonder if they could perhaps take a larger role in the crest instead. - State of Jefferson: I like everything about this concept — the green and yellow, the blue clash with the double x pattern -- but I feel like you could do more with it. The proposed state flag has black in it as well, and I think you could extend the double x design to the home as well, opening up the crest itself to other design opportunities. The crest as it is currently feels too simple.
  22. I'm using rsaline's fantastic template from this topic: I've been using it in Affinity Designer, where I've also been doing my design work for logos and scripts too.
  23. It's been awhile, but I'm back with some stuff to share, so I'll hop right to it. UPDATES: SEATTLE: First off, I went back and updated both Jacksonville and Seattle. Seattle was given a new primary logo, and I also scrapped the S in a diamond secondary logo. The original post has been updated accordingly, and I added a special throwback uniform too. While I thought more about the double-green idea taking over the whole look of the team, I decided instead to revisit my initial idea for the primary logo. I sought to avoid the stretched/condensed/warped look of the first primary by making the base of the logo a rotated square and adding white within that to mimic a mountain, rather than stretching out the top part. The Cascades word mark was then placed over that and a simple Space Needle traced from this Supersonics logo was added to take up some empty space. The lime/neon green drop shadow idea was then applied to a throwback alternate (shown above) which found inspiration from the past black alternate jerseys of the New York Mets and this rather interesting logo and uniform from the Toronto Blue Jays. The same simple Space Needle from the Supersonics was wrapped around by a block S for the primary logo of the throwback, and a block word mark was created with the lime/neon green drop shadow. Overall, I'm really happy with this throwback as kind-of a "love to hate it" look. The Seattle ball club in the UBA is a historically terrible team, so I enjoyed creating a throwback look that doesn't necessarily scream success or good ownership/front office choices. The current look for Seattle then represents a return to a sort-of modernized classic look that the Blue Jays, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, and San Diego Padres have done in recent seasons. Here's how the five uniforms for Seattle look all together: JACKSONVILLE: Since Jacksonville represents a much larger update than the new logo for Seattle, I'll include the new graphics here. For the Tridents, I continued to play around with the roundel and trident logos from here, opting to go for a sharper looking trident and a clearer font for "Jacksonville" within the roundel, while then switching around the colors for the simple J logo. I also worked on a cursive Jacksonville script for the away and away alternate, adding a line through it to mimic the home "Tridents" wordmark as well. The simple trident logo replaced the roundel on the sleeve, just to simplify it a bit, while the two stripes on the socks are meant to match the two stripes on the trident base. I also dropped the second hat as I just plain didn't like it. On a brief note, Jacksonville dealt future free agent SP Alex Trejos to Montreal, so new #2 SP Justin Quehl is representing the team for the home alternate. LF Cesar Frattasio, the centerpiece return in another deadline deal of a starter on an expiring contract, SP Mike Napolitan, has raked since joining the Tridents and models the away alternate in honor of that. Intro: Home: Away: Home Alternate: Away Alternate: I'm curious to see how the new Jacksonville script is received, as I think it may need further work (or maybe just to drop the line within it and outline the script instead?). Otherwise, I'm happy with Jacksonville, so here's how their four jerseys look together: Though I intended to move on to San Francisco, Portland, or Montreal next, I ended up finishing up Philadelphia instead. One of the original UBA teams, who are also considered one of the more successful teams in the UBA standards, the 11-time champion Penns are next. Though I'll expand more on the naming of the team when I post it, the gist is that the team was originally named the Philadelphia Pennsylvanians when the began play in 1921, but over time became the Penns as sportswriters sought a shorter nickname for headlines. Here's a preview of the ball club: As always, let me know what you think. Happy Holidays!
  24. Great to see you back here, TheGiantsFan, and I especially enjoy seeing these designs digitized. I was a big fan of your hand drawn MLB-as-Soccer crossover back in the day, though I didn't have an account back then if I remember correctly. It's great to see the development of your original hand-drawn designs here in a new way! My favorites are the Roses' home kit and crest, the Hollywood kits, and Silicon Valley's whole look. I'm not a huge fan of the color of the Roses' clash kit, while something about the pink in the Hollywood crest doesn't fit for me. Silicon Valley's crest is almost too minimalist to me, but seeing your explanation, I understand the reasoning and I do like the color scheme and clean-ness of the jerseys. Great work all together though and I look forward to seeing more of it!