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  1. That’s because the Clippers, even before the Nike era, have no identity. The went from the Darlings is San Diego to the irrelevant, other LA team, to Compton’s team, within the last 50 years. From powder and orange to red and blue to red, blue, and BLACK.
  2. Fair. What’s not fair is the notion that... Steph literally willed teams to the playoffs in 12-13 and 13-14 while Klay and Draymond developed. Even on a 73-win team with multiple all-stars, he was an unanimous MVP. Now, I’m a LeBron fan. I have not personal bias towards Curry, but greatness is greatness. But please continue to doubt him, so he can drop 60 on the league’s headtop.
  3. So Steph coming up clutch and rallying back from down 14 in a two-point win is “spanking”?
  4. So you're telling me Nike can make pewter look pewter(top photo), but chose to make these look black(bottom photo)?
  5. After the mess they wore to the 2017 AFC Championship Game, the Jaguars knew it was time for a change. They unveiled a new set that was the complete opposite direction. They old set was busy, incorporating multiple number outlines and stripes, while the new set has single-color numbers and no pants stripe. While it is an improvement over the last set, the Jags gave a new meaning to "over-simplified". If not for the logo and color teal, they would be and unfinished Madden create-a-team. To fix this, I added splashes of teal to a black-and-white pair of jerseys and made teal pants the only option. Since we are all aware of the Jaguars' on-and-off relationship with the color gold, this version will not have gold. There will be a gold version in the future, but for now, let's stick with black/white/teal.
  6. But you run the risk of setting the single-game INT record in the postseason Brought to you by Next Gen Stats
  7. Also part of the reason last year’s logo look weird is because it’s not as thick as the ones beside it.
  8. It’s one of those things where, yes, they count, but when discussing KD’s legacy, they get discounted kinda like LBJ’s ‘07 Finals loss. Lakers in 6
  9. Wait...that’s their entire existence!!
  10. Steve Nash, Mike D’Antoni, and whoever else on that staff will like find a way to split the ball in thirds, whether that means KD becomes a spot-up, corner shooter or Harden has to—gasp—give up the ball(and his ego, while he’s at it). Nash, Harden and Kyrie(if he’s ever mentally ready to return)have all ran the PG at some point, so D’Antoni should run his PHX “7 seconds or less” offense with a few bumps here and there. Cleveland now has Drummond, Love, Nance and now Allen. In a league that’s going small-ball, their trending in the wrong direction (although the 2020 champ Lakers may have proven the contrary). I agree with your viewpoint on Indiana. Trading Oladipo(who’s free agency decision looms) for a player with relatively the same output, a higher ceiling and a guaranteed contract seems like a smart move. Houston’s Rafael Stone saw Sam Presti and OKC and said “Hold my beer”. Your Oladipo assessment is also accurate.