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  1. The trade for Rondo was essentially pointless, losing a leader and potent scorer for a playmaker that can win games, but won’t propel them past the Suns, Jazz, or Lakers.
  2. @DNAsports, you should have know what you were bringing upon us when you mentioned gray facemasks.
  3. Unpopular opinion, but I don’t understand the love for this uniform. It looks like the Oilers and the Bills combined.
  4. The Jets drafted two “Michael Carter”s this year.
  5. Fair point, but for most of the Cavs history, they seemed more attached to color schemes (which they changed often) than the literal meaning of “Cavalier”. As for the above picture, yeah, those are probably the best in Cavs history(that entire set is, tbh). But since the Cavs have changed so much, I think they need something that unites of of their past brand elements in an non-garish way.
  6. I made three versions.... The literal approach The outline (which was too orange-heavy to me) ...and the blue number outline.
  7. The play-in tourney should be… 9 vs 10 (winner of 9/10) vs 8 That winner should get the 8th seed. Done.
  8. Put some white stripes on the collar and the purple and red is fine.
  9. I like what the Thunder tried to do with their 2017-18 City jersey. They tried to take the few identifiable part of their logo and make it part of the uniform. However, the execution makes it the second-worst City edition ever(sorry New Yorkers, but that award belongs to "the City that Never Sleeps"). The gradients grays and the bright yellows muddle what could have been a solid uniform. In an attempt to fix it, I made 3 prototypes. All three do the same major changes.... Changes the base from gray to white. Utilizes their signature navy on the neck and shoulders. The two small inserts on the neck become orange and blue to match the stripes. Replaces egg-like color with navy. Prototype One contains just the navy outline. Prototype Two has "OKC" match the logo with a drop-shadow, while the number remains the same. Prototype Three uses a drop-shadow on both. Being a Lakers fan, I love a good drop-shadow, so naturally, #3 is me favorite, but I want to know what you think. C&C appreciated!
  10. I’d argue the Rams, Cowboys, Saints and Giants would look decent. Washington [insert name], maybe.