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  1. Does the navy one look gray to anyone else? I can see how it could've been confused, if this lighting is what was shown. What in the literal :censored: is this?
  2. Ok, these are an 8.5/10. positives first. Primary powder jersey(no explanation needed) Helmet numbers are a nice nod to the 1960's Chargers, which heavily inspired this look Yellow pants pop nicely. Now the negatives: Where the are my powder pants? Royal CR look extremely similar to their stadium owners, the Rams Navy CR should be struck by lightning bolt (pun intended) That ties them with the Browns @ #3 in Uniform rebrands Buccaneers (11/10) Colts (9.5/10) [No need for "Anvil Black" -0.5] Browns (8.5/10) [No orange pants? Mono-turd look? -1.5], Chargers (8.5/10) [See above] Hopefully Rams Patriots (7/10) [Only one set of pants? Needs silver/white pants -3] Realistically Rams Falcons (0.5/10) ["ATL" is too big, #'s are too big, matte helmet? GRADIENT JERSEY?? -9.5]
  3. Correct. The closest is the Loins and/or Panthers. The Cowboys have a teal set and a weird, rough, light-gray set.
  4. I meant in this particular thread...but I guess if I wanted to hear Patriots news I should've went to that thread(which I did).
  5. Love how everyone was right about the Pats' uniforms but nobody's talking about them.
  6. the re-emboidiment of this...
  7. That's the only thing in their identity that matches the name "Clippers". A perfect nautical wordmark, that looks like it's carved out of wood, like a clipper ship.
  8. But the Pistons, color-wise, are a red heavy team. Look at their courts over the years. Almost everything is red, except for the paint and lines. They use blue as a primary color, but where ever else they can, the use red. That's what distingused them from other RWB teams, like Phily or DC
  9. I just realized...Nike switched up the stripe colors!
  10. I'm not saying that Kroenke is a bad owner. He's cleary done well in his other investments. What I'm saying is he simply made a business decision. St. Louians(?) are upset that the left, when frankly, that team should have never been there. The Rams belong in LA, the only reason they were in STL was because Georgia Frontiere saw an ill-advised deal in her hometown, one that STL couldn't own up to.
  11. What's this thread called? Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion. As we all (should) understand, Kroenke wanted to move his team to LA, no matter what It took. He :censored:ted on his own hometown fanbase for a bigger market. It's called business. Spanos, however, :censored:ted on his VERY WELL BELOVED fanbase just so he could go to LA, which--on paper--looked like a good move financial-wise. Since he's an idiot, though, he decided to move to a market that already supports no one team, but another team that hasn't played in LA in over 25 years. Knowing he was going to be the 3rd fiddle, he moved them strictly for the money, which failed badly because nobody wanted the Chargers in LA. Now that he know the Chargers aren't doing well, he switched to a well beloved color scheme that San Diegans wanted for years It should be: Los Angeles Rams: Dark Royal and Gold Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders: Silver and Black San Diego Chargers: Powder and Yellow So let's get back to discussing brands.