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  1. Just keep the core and put pinstripes on the outer paint
  2. The M&N versions aren’t as thick as the new ones. Very solid look, though. I love how they rotated jerseys around their 30th anniversary, with the white being y29, the teal being y30, and the purple being y31.
  3. Hugo is recognizable, with or without a bulbous basketball butt.(oh, how I love alliterations)
  4. 1) To the casual fan, I doubt the first thing they would see is the top of a piston, whereas if you remove the Wordmark from, let’s say, the Bulls, you can tell that it’s a bull. 2) I was pointing out to simtek34 that the rule for team names is necessary in some cases.
  6. So the Thunder logo is bad, and I came across this. It doesn’t destroy their(horrible, yet familiar) Identity, but improves on a couple things.
  7. Just release the logos already. Anybody who’s into football is either tuning in to the No Fun League’s preseason or getting jacked up for college football. Nobody has cared about secondary football leagues since the AAF(predictably) collapsed
  8. And why does it look like Hugo ate the basketball?
  9. True, true. But I was responding to simtek34’s comment of... It’s not dumb, it’s there for international use and and recognization.
  10. Just so you know, if you saw the Pistons logo without the team name, you would have a hard time identifying them. It would be a red basketball with white seams and a blue border(and then a smaller chrome border). None of it screams “Detroit” or “Pistons”. They’re only using it because of its championship success in the late 80s. The logo was a product of 70s “let’s use the team name and city name in a basketball” obviousness.