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  1. Not a fan of having the captain letters on the right but this looks very solid. I'm sure a white version would look great and a blue version would look even better
  2. @Ridleylash Yeah the logo looks surprisingly good in those colors. Almost as if it was always meant to be in those colors and that the bronze and black version is the one that was color swapped lol
  3. I've always felt like this logo could be Tony the Tiger, if someone pissed in his Corn Flakes
  4. You're just focusing on the small differences. The colors stayed the same. The helmet is the same. The tiger stripes are still featured on the pants and arm stripes. The number are still black or white and outlined in orange. On the black jerseys at least. I do agree that the white jerseys were hit the hardest. When I play Madden, I never dress the Bengals in their away jerseys The major design elements are the same, I wouldn't say it was such a radical departure. If you described the uniform to a blind person without going too much into the details like font and paneling, they would think nothing has changed lol
  5. They look pretty similar to me. Nothing major changed, other than the side panels. If you had picked a picture where the modern jerseys are paired with white pants, they would have looked even closer. You could have posted the white jerseys instead lol. Now those were pretty different
  6. To be fair, the Rangers in the mid 90s and Sharks in the early 2000s introduced third jerseys with no waist stripes that have been well received. You could add the Flyers original black jerseys and Anaheim's white alternate from the late 90s as well, not sure how well those were received though, though. So it's not exactly a Reebok thing, it's been around for much longer than that I do agree that the Kings would look much better with waist stripes on their home jerseys. I could live without the piping but personally don't mind it that much
  7. Maybe that's just me, but I prefer a simple letter to yet another angry animal logo
  8. Can anyone explain to an outsider what is so awful about that logo?
  9. @Ridleylash I disagree with every single point This is their best look
  10. Yeah, they totally look just like the Flyers
  11. The logo did appear on cars for a short while before the bailout
  12. Right, so the Rangers and Blue Jackets should totally switch to red helmets then? That's not a hard and fast rule, not even a guideline, just your own personal opinion. Sometimes it works better to match the helmet to the jersey
  13. Most people don't buy on-field authentics though. It doesn't matter what the players wear when 99% of the fans buy the screen printed replicas anyway. And I don't know how different the "authentics" are from the actual team-issue jerseys are in the NFL compared to hockey, but even then, they're very different in quality. I do agree that replicas used to be much nicer in the past, especially hockey and basketball jerseys
  14. Yeah I know, I thought it was obvious that I meant that I liked the first template/cut. Just a little misunderstanding, I know they're all the same jersey, on paper
  15. Wow the first version was actually not that bad imo. Still missing a bit of gold but it looks alright
  16. It was gunmetal-ish, gray-ish and de-saturated for sure Not even remotely close to any kind of sea foam green/blue
  17. What's with people and that dumb mascot? I must be getting old and jaded cause I don't find it even remotely funny or amusing. No, they don't need a mascot shoulder patch, what those jerseys need is orange numbers to fill in the outlines. And a black nameplate. And regular sized sleeve numbers
  18. They would have looked the best vs Calgary. But at this point I don't think I ever want them to wear those cursed jerseys again, which is a shame cause I think they look very nice
  19. lmao they went with meth bear instead of the spoked B. Nice
  20. True. Forgot about them. And if you go all the way back to the 30s-40s-50s, there are probably even more examples of teams wearing more than one pair of pants With that being said, I think if your team needs two different sets of gear, then your jerseys are probably poorly balanced, color wise. This shouldn't be necessary
  21. Yeah I don't think so either. Vegas has home and away gloves, so it's at the very least possible to do that with gloves. Should be allowed for pants too
  22. Rockies and Capitals. But that was in the 70s. Maybe they've changed the rules since then
  23. I don't really like these. The blue numbers look very out of place. The fleur-de-lys in burgundy is just wrong
  24. What's with the amount of alternates and RR jerseys especially with numbers that are hard to see on TV this year? Don't they make tests anymore for that kinda stuff? Ottawa, Toronto, Dallas, Minnesota and now Carolina. Am I forgetting anyone? NYR? Maybe Anaheim's RR because of the weird font?
  25. Not bad. I really like that shade of green. I'm probably in the minority here but I don't mind gradients either