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Stirrups For A Good Cause


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Minnesota Twins rookie J.R. Graham might look like he’s paying homage to baseball’s past, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Graham was able to crack the Twins’ Opening Day roster, and he probably pleased some baseball purists when he was seen wearing stirrup socks. However, Graham’s throwback look actually is a way to help his mother find him on the field.

Graham’s mother is legally blind, but she still has some vision. He wears the stirrups so when his mother is looking out on the field she’s able to pick out her son.

Even when his mother, Julie Graham, sits close to the field she has to use binoculars, so every little thing helps.

“It’s a very nice gesture,” Julie told FOXSports.com in March. “It’s always nice to have something that stands out. I see people, but I don’t see details from a distance. I see all the players on the field, but I can’t see detail. I can’t tell who’s who."

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If he's the pitcher I can't see why he would need to be spotted on the field, but it's another player wearing stirrups, so I approve

She has trouble seeing clearly, so in a sight of blurry vision, something like stirrups do help stand out.

The broadcast talked about his stirrups in his first appearance of the season this year. They even zoomed in on it.


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