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Nike + Tweaks on NBA (New Orleans Pelicans Added)


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I finally felt confortable to do some tweaks on NBA, most of them, based on what I like most and some stuff I'm reading all over the forum and the interwebs...

So, everyone know that adidas is not renewing its contract with NBA, personally I think Nike will take over and all the teams will use their Hyper Elite gear

If you guys already saw some of my concepts (Toronto Raptors specially), be sure that there will be more kits with a 90's to early 2000's approach and I'm sorry about that, I just like that era on sports uniforms.

Well, let's start with the Philadelphia 76ers!
I'm not a fan of a league having too many teams with the same colors, so if possible, I'll always try to diferentiate them some way. For the Sixers, I tried to make a better look from the kits and identity from Iverson Era, I got really satisfied with this work!

C&C is appreciated




And now you guys tell, which team should be the next??

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You know, if you turned the black into a really dark blue and if the sides were consistent between the shorts and jersey, those would be really really great. But honestly as of now, they look pretty solid. I really like the number font and the 76 logo, however the Sixers name itself doesn't appear right, perhaps make it more in italics like the numbers and 76 and it'd be better.

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My only gripe is the sublimation on the back of the T-Wolves. I just feel like that's something Nike does for college teams, and because of that it makes the jersey look amateurish. Good design though, and I absolutely love the Sixers look

This is exactly what I was going to say.

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