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So like many others I started working on creating my own personal logo. Back in the day I used to have a cartoon design of myself I used & recently I've been using a cartoon pencil I drew up which can be found anywhere my work is found. I wanted to create a more professional looking mark that would also represent me, who I am, where I'm from & what I do. Here's what I've come up with. The colors and star represent the flag where I'm from, my initials are styled in the form of a "BRANDING" iron which is a tool found & used throughout Texas. The overall design represents the state seal found on the badge of my primary profession. All these elements together represent me. Still working out details, some friends have suggested I go with 1 or 2 colors to keep it simple and that's why you see the different options also can't decide on on a name that's why you see options on that as well. Going simple I lose some of the meaning behind my design but it gives it a cleaner look & using only RS branding sounds really good but I'm left with a semi empty roundel & not sure what to add there other than the line I have or stars. So feel free to voice your opinions & suggestions.


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I find myself doing too much with text, like overexplaining instead of presenting things visually and letting the reader get the picture. Having said that, RS Branding Studio is too much. I agree with those who like any of them from the bottom. Or maybe just RS?

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