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Eastern Illinois Panthers rebranded.


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My alma mater EIU got a logo rebrand because the institution is in financial hell, enrollment is plummeting, and the school/city are making all kinds of awful headlines lately. The obvious solution?

Fixing their sports logos.

OLD: Meet "Billy" the Panther, informally titled. EIU, being assbags, decided it was in their interests to formally call him Prowler in recent years, despite the community firmly committed to calling him Billy. [/EIU]


Yeah he's kind of poorly drawn but it's classic. Then they went to this new one about 15 years ago. This is the one all over the Tony Romo bullcrap you saw in stores briefly and likely on some knockoff Jimmy Garoppollo merch.


Hell, I don't mind this one at all either. It's a little weird and kinda imperfect but it keeps the blue and silver with a dominant black in there. Looks pretty okay on a helmet, too.





"We have the opportunity to give EIU an image with a distinctive, classy and edging new logo.”

Whatever. Edging? Typo?

And I'll just say this - the panther transitioning from black to white is an excellent ironic metaphor for the uncomfortable issues EIU's hometown is dealing with. I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

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