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2017 Padres concept - Back in brown

Ray Lankford

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After unveiling the new jerseys on Tuesday, it was rumored that the Padres will be getting new home and road jerseys in 2017 and the team president said that they hadn't ruled out bringing back the brown. Because it'd be a real dick move by him to say that and not actually bring it back, I'm going to assume that the Padres are gonna do it.

Using the new brown alt as a base, since that would seem to be a big sign of things to come, I made three more jerseys:


These are pretty straightforward - I put the new PadreS font on the home with piping that matches that on the real alt and adjusted the road word mark to look more like San diegO. I also kept the white S/yellow D because I like the way it looks and because I think there can be too much yellow.


Like I said, I think there can be too much yellow and would have preferred to put some white piping on here but that wouldn't fit with the real alt so I left it as is. I also added a yellow jersey with the monogram since the team seems fond of it and I added a yellow billed hat because while there can be too much yellow, you can never have enough merchandise to sell.

C/C appreciated.

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I touched up the home and road jerseys, giving them an all-yellow SD and keeping the San DiegO font:


I also made a BP jersey that replaces the second alt I made earlier (my idea now is to keep the brown alt AND the new home jersey as a new fauxback but there's no point in drawing those up):


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I much prefer the two-color SD, I don't get all the hate for it (on the real jerseys and your concept). I would be thrilled to see the Padres adopt this look long term.

Me too but I figure that since I'd keep the new blue/white/yellow hat as an alt, I don't need it on a brown hat as well.

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