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Introducing the Legends Hockey League!


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It is my pleasure to introduce the newly formed Legends Hockey League! This will be the NHL's equivalent to the PGA's Champions Tour. As many NHL players retire because they find they simply can't keep up with the league any more, they find they still have the competitive fire within them and what they miss most is the comradery between the guys. This league gives them the chance the continue on playing at a fairly high level but doing so in a less win-at-all-costs environment and in a much shorter season allowing them to spend more time with their families. Below I will walk you through the basics of the make-up of the league, and then post the League homepage with the logos for all 16 teams participating.




- Must be at least 40 years of age as of December 31, OR have been retired from the NHL for 2 full seasons.

- Must be a member of the NHLPA Pension (minimum 160 NHL games)

- Playing 1 game in the LHL means you are no longer eligible to play in the NHL.



The LHL season is 36 games and runs from November through January, with the playoffs being completed in February.


Rules & Rosters

- Body Checking is not allowed (2 min penalty)

- 4 on 4 and then 3 on 3 in OT

- Rosters are 18 players, usually 9 forwards, 7 defencemen, 2 goalies.

- No coaches, Team Captains generally put together lines and run practices.


The salaries are generally between $80,00 and $160,000. Keep in mind all of these players are already on the NHLPA's pension, and are not in it for the money so much. Lower salaries keep ticket prices down for families that may not be able to afford NHL games. The teams are all located in cities that don't have NHL teams, but all have a history of supporting hockey teams.


Next I will post the team page. I will warn you all of the logos are very simple, these are the first logos I have eve created. I am looking for lots of C&C on my logos, and on anything in the league as well. If you have any thoughts, idea, concerns or criticisms on anything posted here please let me know!


And without further adieu, The league Homepage:




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7 minutes ago, KittSmith_95 said:

Out of all the logos used here, my favourite is the Tigers.


I wish I could have a better view at some of these though. It feels as if the idea behind the logo is good, but the logo itself lacks something.


I also can't wait to see how the teams look!

Hopefully you can see them better here. If there are any you would like to see full sized let me know.



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I know I haven't posted any new material since the start, but I was really hoping on getting help with my team logos. Or team names/locations, rules, really anything I've posted so far.


I'm about half way working through the uniforms, then will finish up the team pages, but I don't believe there is no way I can improve on anything I've posted so far.

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2 hours ago, Darknes said:

Personally I feel that using say the Whalers for Hartford at least to me feels like a cop-out. I'd love to see more team name options for each


Fair enough. Because this is heavily involved with the NHL and NHLPA they have full rights to use any previous or current (see Rochester) logos and designs. I wanted to kepe it somewhat realistic in that a couple teams likely would use past logos or variations of current logos. See also Indianapolis and Hamilton for team names taken from past professional teams (maybe others unintentionally).


I would be willing to go with an original design for Hartford. Any suggestions? Keep Whalers but a unique logo? If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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10 hours ago, sparky chewbarky said:

Good idea for a series Brad.

Looking forward to it.

As far as the logos go...most look pretty good.

I'd maybe put a little space between the word "CLEVELAND" and the lake image.

We'll see how they look on the unis.


Thanks Sparky, that means a lot coming from you.


20 hours ago, Broncoboy7 said:

I think the alternate should be a darker green because that just kinda looks like puke green, and I'm not sure that's appealing.

I'm not sure if that would work better. I tried a darker green but then it doesn't look as good on the regular home/away because there isn't enough contrast with the blue, it bledds a little.

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20 hours ago, Broncoboy7 said:

I think the alternate should be a darker green because that just kinda looks like puke green, and I'm not sure that's appealing.

The Eagles look good, but I agree here. If you were to make the green darker, I would try lightening the blue a little bit for contrast.


Surrey is great. A+ Well done

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