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Raysox's Lacrosse Template


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Little fun fact: your boy used to play lacrosse in high school!




I love the game, I really do. I'm guilty for not following it enough. I started following the SB Nation college lacrosse blog this past January. Since then, I can't escape it. Tons of small New York schools show up on my timeline daily. Then over spring break, my friend gave me back two of my three sticks, since she wasn't using them. I had no choice but to make a vector template! 


So since my template making overall has improved since my last phase of lacrosse concepts, I needed to start new. I started from my soccer template. But the only thing that remained was the pants. I changed the jersey shape and cut, shortened the sock, threw on Mathew McElroy's glove template, entirely remade a penny because it wouldn't be lacrosse without it. I made it look exactly like my high school team. Finished with some branding to make it easy on everyone, and bam! Here it is!




Right now, it's in SVG. You can download it below. I'm gonna convert it to .AI soon, but I just prefer woring in inscape on templates. 


Download my NuLax template here!

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3 hours ago, raysox said:

I realized the text on the concept I did wasn't an object, and will look bad on all your screens if you didn't have the font. Will re upload later.

Fixed, feel free to test it out!

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10 hours ago, RyanMcD29 said:

I'm probably gonna give this template a whirl sometime this spring. Looks very good! 


And thanks for following College Crosse ;)

I know you contribute to them, but every tweet you send is in a conversation with them hahah.


Anyone test it out? Any NCAA concepts done?

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