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With the Panthers' logo leak today, I made a mockup for it and what I expect the jerseys to look like. I think this redesign can and will go really well, but there's always that chance that Reebok screws everything up. The logo is good, but the jerseys are yet to come. Here are my concepts!

(1)Logo Pres1.png

Jersey Pres.png

Jersey Pres2.png

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Look at the logo.

What does it remind you of?...Where have you seen this image before?...That's right!...

...on the back of hockey cards. 

The Panther looks like he is posing for his annual individual team photo. His head, even though it is facing off to the side, looks like it was staged by a photographer. Even the bottom of the shield could be the collar of his jersey.

Why not put the individual player's yearly roster photo on the chest of the jersey?
Why duplicate the pattern on the collar with the same pattern that's around the shield?

I wouldn't put this logo on the chest. I'd put it "on the collar." Line up the collar of the jersey with the outline of the shield. Yeah, the wordmark would be upside down on the nameplate, but you could just flip it back and replace it with the player's name.

...then you could keep the flying panther logo on the front of the jersey.

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This would be a great set, modern mixed with classic. My only critique on the uniforms themselves is the captain patch on the away uniform, maybe try filling it with red?

I also really like the overall presentation of these uniforms, but the pixelated edges take my eyes away from the uniform.

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There are some major flaws in the rendering (the shape and thickness of the lines are all over the place, and the wordmark is arched up, flat, then down instead of rounded) but I like the creativity shown.

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