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Lacrosse League of America


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Welcome to the Lacrosse League of America (LLA). Here are the teams in it's inaugural season, 2013.


Louisville Racers:


Home                                                                                   Road                                                                      Alternate




F6F6D40F0B.txt]&sink=format[png]&key=key                  DF4A2BF553.txt]&sink=format[png]&key=key  524A2518ED.txt]&sink=format[png]&key=key











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Not a fan of the white

#1 the script is yellow and hard to see

#2 most lacrosse teams dont do the script on the bottom anymore

#3 if you did do the script at the bottom i recommend moving the #s down a bit and make it bigger

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th?id=OIP.M0998eb57000e5edb8389ab0b569f8 Louisville Racers  logo and Home Jersey Update: 












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New England Minutemen                                        Home                                                              Away

I know it looks a lot like the Patriots.


Newton_Minutemen_large.jpg            66CF3599CF.txt]&sink=format[png]&key=key857744F011.txt]&sink=format[png]&key=key






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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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