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The MLS 2017 Uniform (Re)Design project - All teams complete


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So basically what we will have here is new uniforms for the teams that will participate in the MLS... but with a wee bit of a twist. The only uniforms that are going to change are those that are actually going to change. The others will remain untouched. I will also use the actual 2017 adidas templates (mostly the one used for the Germany Confederations Cup shirt) in order to inject some more realism to the project. My goal,however,will be to design kits that will be nowhere near the actual designs! So expect some outlandish designs here and there... 


So,because I don't give a toss about introductions,here we go,right off the bat: (Not) The Atlanta United 2017 primary and secondary uniforms




Primary - Red base,with modern (well... OK,adidaspeak alert) black stripes on the front and back that get slimmer towards the left (or thicker towards the right,if you prefer). I have tried to use shades of red and gold as close to the ones in the team logo as possible. The inner neck taping features the stripes from the team badge (I know... very creative. I'm an artist... NOT) and the back neck reads the motto of the City of Atlanta - "Resurgens" (that's how it's written on the city seal... didn't they have Spell Check back then? I wouldn't get away with that at primary school...)




Secondary - A little bit (and a little bit more) of a twist here... This is based off one of the most iconic NBA uniforms of all time,as I've been told at least. I'm,obviously (erm... you can see it,I hope) talking about the primary Atlanta Hawks uniforms used between 1982 and 1992; which,as far as I've learned,is as characteristic(or iconic,if you will) of the Hawks as naked Instagram pictures are of Kim Kardashian. So,I thought it'd be a good idea to kind of cross them over to soccer,adapted to what adidas would do with them in 2016. Well,they'd add marl somewhere and brand it as a "from the Hawks to the street" sort of thing... but hey,I'm not working at adidas and I wouldn't really ever want to! Same back+inner neck features as the primary shirt... what'd you expect,that I'd do something completely different? I'd need to use my head,and that hurts lately... I think I need to see a doctor.


Both kits feature the logo of the official team sponsor,American Family Insurance. That almost sounds like it belongs to the public sector,if you ask me. But well... it's alright.


Next,whenever I do it... the 2017 Chicago Fire change uniform.

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On 3/11/2016 at 4:36 PM, kerlonmoura said:

Great work on the home kit, looks really cool!


Can't wait to see more of your work!


Thanks! Your series is great as well!


11 hours ago, Victormrey said:

Great start! I've seen a lot of Atlanta sets, but yours is really unique (and realistic at the same time).

Looking forward for the rest of the series.


Well I don't know about "realistic" but I was going for "unique" so... thank you mate


4 hours ago, ItDoesntMatter said:

Atlanta's home looks great, and while I'm not sure the Hawks kit would fly (get it?), I definitely like that you thought outside the box. Well done.


Resurgens is "spelled wrong" because it's Latin, as many mottos are.


Well the public isn't always right... I mean the pink Real Madrid kit sold tons! Haha joking,well I wanted to try something different,glad you like the home since I was not sure whether people would like the irregular striping


So... time to go ahead with this... with the Chicago Fire. 


Their primary kit isn't changing for 2017,and I'll only be posting my own concepts in this,so nothing interesting here. 


The secondary though... this one may be against a few rules,but I don't care since these rules are nonsense in the first place. It's like the government telling me what colour I'd paint my home's walls - what's their business? So... here we have a graphite outfit with fluo yellow and silver detailing,sort of a "soccerization" ( :censored:ty made up term klaxon) of the clothes the Chicago Fire department wear at work... So,I thought,with these few strands of brain I have left from headbanging to death metal and playing Football Manager,why would a team named after them not take after their uniforms as well? Stupid,I know. But well,that's what happens when you try too hard to think of fantastic (not meaning great,they're awful) scenarios! In a parallel universe,firefighters are wearing red uniforms with a white chest stripe... except maybe not. OK,enough with the terrible humour,since if I continue most of you are going to leave the thread thinking I'm crazy. Which I am,but,well,at least see the concept first! I also took a little bit of inspiration from some of adidas' 90's designs,namely this one from '94,because they aren't making them like this anymore,sadly! Oh,forgot to mention the neck taping is the flag of Chicago and the back features an outline of the state of Illinois.





Up next: The Colorado Rapids,and more cold jokes


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Another nice design. It's different, but it has a nice background and meaning. Also, I like the feature of the Chicago flag on the neck taping.

BTW, the detail on the back is the border of Illinois ;) I think it's a great feature.


54 minutes ago, hendocfc said:

These few strands of brain I have left from headbanging to Death Metal and playing Football Manager


Thrash Metal and FIFA sounds like a better plan to me :P

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Here it comes again... this time,the Colorado Rapids secondary kit. Same as the Fire,they'll be changing their secondaries in 2017 so I only designed a secondary uniform. 


So,about the uniform... the Rapids haven't had a white secondary kit in quite a while,given they decided to go Crystal Palace by using the colors of the flag of Colorado the last four seasons. I thought that concept had nothing else to give and decided to abandon it. I'm not hopeful the Rapids are actually abandoning the scheme though! Here I decided to go with a little bit of a colder scheme,taking cues from the other professional American team that's in Colorado and wears maroon and white (sorry Nuggets but you're white/blue/yelllow): The Avalanche. So this uses the colours of the Avalanche's latest 3rd/alternate/however you lot call them uniform,as in white,steel blue(used more of a royal blue shade here myself though) and maroon,including an ice blue pattern inspired by one of the most controversial football kits of all time; Arsenal's "bruised banana" kit from 1994,adapted to the mountain shapes that feature both in the Rapids' crest and in traditional Avalanche uniforms. The inner neck features the aforementioned flag of Colorado and the back neck features "5280" --> If I can recall,Denver's height above sea level.Correct me if I'm wrong.Sorry,I'm not in the mood for silly humour today so straight to the kit we go:




Next,the Columbus Crew's new primary kit, And a tidbit of info: They're abandoning the weird white/yellow/blue/red kit and the blacks become secondaries; hence,a new primary kit. I was told this by a trustworthy source that has asked to remain anonymous so don't ask.

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No feedback for Colorado? I want to be moving on to Columbus as soon as possible... Oh,and,question; is a red DC united secondary "acceptable"?



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Well,I should be honest with myself and say that that's the ONLY design element of the kit! 


Taking a trip to Columbus now... to present you with a new primary kit for the Crew (SC). As I mentioned on the Rapids post,it's bye bye mr. white/yellow/blue/red/black secondary kit,the black primary becomes secondary,and we have a new yellow uniform; nothing too complicated,as I can always remember Columbus having simplistic yellow kits... so here we have a black triangle at the collar and a curved "three stripe" graphic at the left side of the jersey,meant to sort of mimic the diagonal stripes from the club badge; shorts and socks are plain yellow. Although I could probably do something better,my initial idea was something completely different; but it would be too outlandish so I thought of going with a simpler uniform. Not the best kit of the series I'm sure,and given I'm hardly creative it won't be the worst! Anyway... the neck tape features a graphic with the colours of the Columbus flag arranged in a diagonal pattern,much like the jersey's stripes. It also resembles kids' party decorations,but that part was unintentional. I swear. The back neck features the "96" shield from the crest. I hate this kit more than I hate Arsenal (or randomly being ear-raped by Justin Bieber songs at various places - mainly coffee shops,not the Dutch kind)... but I was so fed up with it I thought of just getting away with a bad design. Once. Just this one time. I swear.




Next we're taking a trip to the capital... and I'm asking again; red secondary shirt - is it OK?

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Really liking these! Colorado is for sure my favorite -- that color scheme fits the club well and is pretty unusual in MLS. And the design is good too!


I don't love the Columbus kit, the line design seems somewhat arbitrary. I've thought a Columbus kit incorporating hoops and/or the checker pattern might be fun, even if it's in a subtle and limited amount.


re: DC, a few years ago they had a red third with black trim. Not sure how popular it was, but there's precedent, and less drastic than some MLS changes we've seen.

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So... here's DC. Didn't really plan to post the DC kit on the election day (I swear!),I actually planned to post it yesterday but the site was down all day so here it is today. If I shouldn't have... just tell me. 

So,let's go to the kit... I didn't go red in the end. I had even finished a red kit,but I changed my mind in the last minute. Something Trump supporters hope Clinton ones do,and vice-versa. If I had the right to vote... well I hate both candidates. So,thankfully for my brains,I'm not an American citizen. And I don't really plan on being one in the future. So relax,you 'Muricans that read this. Back to the kit... DC United pride themselves on being a team focused on "tradition". So,I went with a retro adidas design,in off white with red pinstripes and black details,plus a black V-neck. I found it a very fitting concept... although you could call it a bit generic. I hope you don't mind. The neck tape features the traditional DC United away kit design of 3 black stripes on white,as a nod to the franchise's wonderful classic kits that would,sadly,not be allowed nowadays. I'm normally the one who's like ":censored: the rules",but in this case I don't think I could get away with it being used as a "design element" a la the big stripes on Chicago...  The back neck features the flag of Washington DC. 





Next: A bit of a twist on FC Dallas' secondary uniform. 

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Next post is going to come a bit later for it's going to be two teams in one post,FC Dallas secondary AND Houston Dynamo primary.



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They're ready... so the first dual post of the series (there might be another) is here,involving Dallas and Houston. 


First up,the Dallas. These tend to have pretty similar designs every season: red/white hoops for home,blue/white hoops for away. But,since the last two home shirts have... spiced up the theme,2014 going for tonal sublimated hoops and 2016 combining them with smaller white pinstripes. So,I thought,why not try and do something a little bit different with the secondary kit as well? After all I'm not looking to predict the actual kit; this is not the point of this series. So I went for a bit of a fauxback,using... you guessed it. Another 80s/90s adidas design... this one features hoops on the sleeves instead of the main body. A little bit eccentric,not Mike Patton eccentric but you don't want me to go to that level. The neck tape tries to mimick the current design,albeit in a bit more symmetrical way,while the back neck features their "LH" logo; does anyone know what that means? I genuinely don't know. 




Second... the Houston Dynamo. This one features a strongly color blocking design,heavily featuring the club's shade of "space blue". It's a unique combination that fits pretty well and I don't know why they've lately distanced themselves from it. Well,I don't know whether the Houston fans like it but hey,I don't give a damn either. The front panel features the "sunrise" pattern from the team crest,alluding - to speak a bit like one of the marketing speak generators brands use to create their campaigns - to the team's nickname of the "Dynamo"; a dynamic sunburst graphic. *cringes so hard he pukes blood* The neck taping features a flag of Texas-inspired graphic that uses the ray part of the team crest; well the kit's got a theme? The back neck sign-off (I finally remembered the word! Not that any of you gave a toss!)  features the franchise's motto of "Forever Orange",because I couldn't think of anything better. 





Next up: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

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