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Simplifying Spain - Soccer Crest Concept


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Very nice! This is definitely a case of addition by subtraction. I think it works well as just one colour — it would translate well to grayscale or black-and-white applications, and more colours would just get in the way of the simplicity you worked hard to achieve. I would, however, like to see many a couple of folds in the ribbon to emphasize ESPANA and play down PLUS and ULTRA.

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I'm from Spain, and honestly, I like it. But I would like some kind of shield, like the one on the corner. It reminds me of this kit: f38132e39cedcc583246b33c440fbebd.jpg


I like it, but as I said, I would like to see it on a shield, or something. And I would remove ESPAÑA and all that, maybe just put RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation)... Also, the crowns on top of the towers have to be different, because they are different from king/queen...


But it's pretty good!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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