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Colorado Avalanche New Logo and Unis


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First, this should go in Concepts, not General Design. But don't post it again; a mod will move it.


I don't understand why the arm stripes don't continue on the other half of the sleeve on the home and away. The Colorado and U.S. flags are going to be too low to be seen; they'd be covered up by the player's gloves. I think you need some kind of striping around the hem on the white jersey. And on the navy jersey, I think your maroon elements need to be outlined in white because there's not enough contrast between the navy and the maroon. Not a huge fan of "AVS" on the alternate; it looks like some kind of acronym. Actually, longer words seem to work better on diagonal text jerseys like this because it looks more like an actual sash.

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For the logos, I like the shape. Keep the navy part, keep the white part, and extend the light blue outline around the mountain. The one navy triangle above the navy mountain should either be removed or incorporated into the design. I'm not sure what the restrictions are for this project, but I'd actually use the swoop the Avalanche currently use, instead of a single line and photo of a puck. At the very least, thicken the line and trace over the puck photo. The C's font should definitely be changed, to either Colorado's font, the font you used for the numbers, or the C from Colorado's flag. I'd also add a white outline to the C.


The jersey striping is the strong part of the concept, but I'd make it a little smaller to make place for TV numbers between it and the shoulder yoke, and extend it around the jersey on the template. On the white jersey, I'd either take away the yoke outline or fill the yoke itself in navy. I'd also remove the flags and make the name white on the navy jersey. The alternate jersey looks really nice, I'd again make space for and add TV numbers and remove the flags. I think your logo would look nicer on that jersey, if you added a white outline. 


This may seem like a lot, but I really like what you have going here! It's a nice, original take.

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4 hours ago, seancarter said:


Sorry if I'm acting like a mod here, but if you're going to give feedback, the least you can do is to say why you don't like it.


The idea is alright, but it needs to be executed better. For the home and away, the stripes seem too large, and don't look that nice when they cut into the yoke. There should also be stripes on the back of all the uniforms. Phantom yokes never look good, so I would get rid of that, The name and numbers should be higher and the numbers larger, and finally, this is just my personal opinion, but I'm not a fan of this template. It make the arms too small.


For the logo, I would merge the C and the mountains, and have the puck come around that.

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Here are my thoughts, and they'll sound rough. I'm not trying to be a jerk here.


First, the logo. It, from a design standpoint, is terrible. The puck looks like clip art, and it seems like concept art for Windows 95. I think you should go with something that's already a part of the identity, like the faux-Rockies logo, the 'A' logo, or the 'C' logo. Speaking of logos, the Avs phased out the foot a few years back - so why use it? Anyways, what you've got seems like an odd combination of ideas that didn't work out in your favor.


Next up is the actual jersey design. I'm not a fan of the design, but that's just me. My two cents would be to make the design go on the back of the jersey, so it doesn't look like a practice jersey. Get rid of the faux-shoulder-yoke, and then you've got a solid design. It just seems like poor execution kills this one.


Also, I like the idea of where you're going with the flags. I think flags are an underutilized thing in sports. Your placement of them works, but in a real game, they'd be covered by the players' gloves. I'd put them on the shoulders, if it were my design. I also don't think the American flag should be in there. I love America, but not all the players on the team are American. I know not all players on the team are Coloradoans either, but the team is called the COLORADO Avalanche. Again, it's a solid idea that just wasn't implemented right.


I'm also gonna do a little on the arm numbers. The NHL mandates that teams have numbers somewhere on the arms, on both arms. The shoulder numbers are something I like, but if you're gonna do them, you need to have no shoulder patches. Or, you could go full Florida Panthers, and move the shoulder patches down to the arms. I don't like that as much, but it's another route you could take.


Last, I'm gonna go over the alternate jersey. The idea for this one is really good, and it's another design that's killed by little mistakes. First, the home and away jerseys are made by Adidas, and say so on the back. Why is the alternate any different? I already talked about the arm numbers, logo, and flags, so I won't go through that again. However, the 'AVS' on the front is a really good idea, and is done pretty well. I think it's a little too big, and that the inside of the 'A' needs to have the same red outline that the other words have. Apart from that, this is a really likeable jersey.


I know all this criticism is gonna seem like hate, but it'll help you out if you keep with it. My first concepts were terrible, and got a lot of the comments like the one I'm giving. If you persevere, take the advice you can, and do your best, you'll improve a ton.

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