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NBA 90s series(Supersonics Added 09/29 SERIES COMPLETED)


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Here we are at the last two concepts for the current NBA teams.


First up is the Utah Jazz. This concept basically just takes the Jazz's 90s uniforms to the next step by adding a blue sky gradient behind the mountain on the front of the jersey and also putting the mountain on both sides of the shorts.



Second is a team that never existed in the 90s, the New Orleans Pelicans. I made up a new "what if" identity for this team using Mardi Gras colors and some very festive and bright stripes shooting across the uniform.



So that just about does it, just one more team to go. Stay tuned for the finale.

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So here we are at last. The conclusion of the NBA 90s series. Last up is the Seattle Supersonics.


This set dons the space needle on the front of the jerseys. I always wished the team would have done something like this because they used it so predominately in their 90s brand. The rest of the design uses large swooshes around the jersey and shorts with that awesome red, green, and yellow color scheme.




So that's it, Thanks a to to everyone who stayed with this thread and supported it. It really means a lot to me that these concepts are enjoyed by many people. Maybe one day I will tackle another 90s league redesign as I find these really fun to do as I get to really be creative and go wild with these designs. Thanks again. See you next time, whenever that may be.

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