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Heavy's Expansion Concept thread


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Most of these are still in development and are not final, per suggestions mentioned in thread... also I used Paint, Paint.net, inkscape, 3d Paint.

That being said, welcome back to this section where I've been busy for months on end, creating concepts for teams that mostly exist in Madden and with some that I've come up with to fill the gaps of a hypothetical NFL expansion far into the future.

So lets begin

London Monarchs (NFC, switched to AFC, then returned to NFC)

The last time I did before taking all that time off was the original Monarchs team which is often used for Madden and is often referred to as the first World Bowl winner and is probably going to be the next destination for said expansion/relocation team so let's pretend that they are part of an expansion, what would their kits be like, long into the future... well worry no more.







So getting the obvious out of the way, there are two kits each for Home and Road... the first pair of Home and Kit are worn for seven games each where they change to the second pair... the alternate is worn for the two neutral games per season located in a neutral venue chosen by the league... big numbers, big NFL logo and player name ticks the boxes essentially.

Royal Blue goes well with Gold lettering which is what I learnt through experimentation
and it goes well opposite ways.... white shirts are the usual standard for road kits but for the first road I went gold pants to offset the r-blue whilst the r-blue pants go with the double gold as the second road.

The royal red is the alternate because in terms of colour, I was going for the British flag in reverse because I was avoiding to go to the team name that led the Monarchs to ruin... the England Monarchs.

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Alright I did say Version 2 was soon but yeah I took suggestions offered and made the adjustments.








So I couldn't do the original red/blue stripes as suggested but I made a compromise and did stripes of different colours instead.

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Disclaimer, I'm not really familiar with the original Monarchs uniforms...


I like V2 better; the sleeves definitely needed some striping. I'd prefer it if the order of the colors of the sleeve stripes matched the pants stripes.


I'm not a big fan of the contrasting nameplates.


I also don't see the need for the two homes and two aways (other than the NFL's merch sales greed.)


My ideal version of this would be:


Home = gold helmet + 

blue jersey (change to gold-blue-red sleeve stripes, no nameplate, gold name) +

gold home pants. No need for any white.


Away = gold helmet +

white jersey (blue numbers & name, blue collar, blue-gold-red sleeve stripes)  +

blue home pants (blue-red-blue pant stripes)


Patriotic Alt = red uniform, replace all gold with white, white numbers, maybe white pants?


The ideas are all there; you just need to mix and match a bit!

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So thank you for the insight on the Monarchs btw, the fact that I was able to get feedback in order to make improvements has helped.

That being said we're moving to North America now for our next team, and the reason why International expansion exists in the first place... the success of the first International Series game between the 49ers and the Cardinals.


Mexico City Diablos (NFC)







Mexico loves the NFL as they love the Raiders, thus it was an ideal place to create an expansion here... the red, the 'black' to which I've called it Nero and the white are used whilst the light grey is used for the Alternates.

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Next up is that we're still in North America but we finally get to see what a team in Canada looks like and for some reason it's usually Toronto... I mean look at the choices EA gives that city... either the Buffalo Bills move there which has died down thankfully, then we get the Huskies which is not even part of Toronto and then you got the Mounties even though their HQ is in Ottawa and not Toronto and finally the Thunderbirds which is suited for a place like the midwest like St. Louis.

So you can see the problem here right?

Thankfully there is a solution in sight.... This is Team 3 of this thread.










Yes this is the same team that's been around since 1873... yes this is an exciting new venture and it brings the Oxford and Cambridge Blue to the league itself... they operate from the North Division and often clash with the Packers, the Lions, the Bears and the Vikings.

EDIT: Adidas and Under Armour have also broken through and now sponsor different kits... numbers as mentioned are the same because scrolling up saves lives.

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EDIT: Imgur's back up and now I can present a team that baffles me as to why EA thinks it's a good location despite the fact that Ireland prefers Rugby Union but that might of been the plan as Irish players are tough at heart so that might be why this location was chosen... unfortuately they came up with a team that had a long name so they shortened it to something different.

DUBLIN CELTICS ((Formerly Dublin Celtic Tigers)) (AFC, joined NFC recently)







So the Celtics (or C.Tigers) use Dark Green, White and Black in their colour set up as the only thing required for their alternate was Irish colours of bright green and orange which still remains one of the worst ideas of a kit but it was mandatory for such kit to exist in Dublin so here we are.

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So we are now at team 5 and the next four teams unveiled are mostly American... in places that haven't been touched by the markets yet.

So with that set in mind... the 5th team on this list, another city that comes from the New York state.... within the city itself and rests itself in a dome near the Brooklyn Bridge... yep. 








For a team that works on light purple, white and light grey... the Beats have a unique look that brings life into the Northern Division of the AFC... rivals with the Ravens and the Steelers  have shaped them into a tough knit team in the Western Part of Long Island.

EDIT: The Alternate is known as Midnight Rush

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