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Capitals Alt Concept


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Here's a design for the Caps if they ever want to have a new jersey instead of a direct throwback. The overall look is heavily inspired by the throwback jerseys but with some differences. The Weagle is front and centre as it should be, and the font is more modern.


C&C Appreciated!

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The numbers look better. @seasaltvanilla is right about the home jersey. My previous comment still stands, as the hem stripes are still super thick and the sleeve stripes are still kinda thin.


On the white away, the hem stripe ought to be red-blue-white to match the sleeves.


The set looks good!

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On 10/22/2018 at 7:17 PM, NoE38 said:

Here's a full set, based on both suggestions. I personally prefer the blue yoke, but the white doesn't look terrible.


C&C still appreciated!

I also prefer the blue yoke right there with you. 


I do however feel ike the "Weagle" needs a thicker white outline around it for the dark jerseys.

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