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Quebec Nordiks bench selves


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unfortunately, it's in french so only our Francophones can read it clearly. however crappy they may be, there is a translation for our Anglophones:

Friday August 27, 2004 - (RDS) - It will be necessary to still wait a few times before attending the rebirth of Nordiks for Quebec. Master Jean-Paul Boily, the president of the franchise, which was to make its beginnings in a new version of the World Hockey Association, announced that the club suspended its activities until new order.

To justify its decision, Boily quotes the difficulties of the other cities of the new circuit of concluding their respective rental agreements and of buckling their financing within the prescribed times.

The president of Nordiks always keeps hope to see world Association being born for the season 2005-2006

did anyone NOT see this coming? :hockeysmiley:

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it could be the beginning of the end.IMO, the whole elague is a case of, alittle work would have gone a long way...I can't see it ever getting off the ground

personally too, I wasn't a fan of the Nordiks Identity, I'm a huge fan of the old Nordiques (put over 150 bucks into a uniform) and the new spelling was a total rip IMO

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So on my WHA'04 page when do I say the Nordiks existed from? :wacko:

You don't say that the original WHA's San Francisco Sharks (or Los Angeles Aces, or Dayton Aeros, or Miami Screaming Eagles, etc.) ever existed, this seems to be the same thing (except for the fact that this version of the WHA won't start up).

I had confidence in this league until the teams other than Detroit were announced. Dallas is the only other team remotely organized. As a league, I think it could have worked, it's just that each individual team sucks. Of course, the league granted franchises to those teams, so whose fault is it? Oh well, bring on the OSHL!

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