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North American Collegiate Athletics Federation (3.27)


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Howdy folks!

Back again, with my most ambitious project to date. Below is a spoiler including some of my general thoughts about this project, and projects of mine from the past that share similarities. 


Many of you might remember "ACAF". Why am I choosing to start something else? Well, I was not a very confident designer at the start of ACAF. I picked small, niche markets, because I did not believe I could make concepts that were "good-enough" to stand up against the real teams (how could I make a "Michigan" team that represented the state better than the Wolverines?). Straying away from more prominent cities/regions was cool in theory, but I really felt like I was missing out on a lot of really cool history/inspiration to draw from. I feel more confident with my design skills at this point, and thought I would give a more well-rounded shot at a college universe. 


I'm not going to go into the "history" of the league as a whole, or try to explain away why the NCAA does not exist. This exists in a vacuum, as a cool, neatly-organized gallery of designs that I think represent states/cities in a fresh way.

With that out of the way, here is the project!

96 schools, organized into 8 conferences, spread out across 3 countries. I'm starting off with the identities as a whole, before I try to tackle sports-specific designs. 


Pacific Conference 

University of Alaska 

University of Hawaii

University of British Columbia 

Washington University Whalers





Washington State University

University of Oregon 

University of Montana 

University of Idaho

University of Utah

California State University

University of Central California 

University of Nevada


Frontier Conference 

University of California 

California A&M University 

Universidad de Tijuana 

University of Arizona

Arizona State University

New Mexico University

West Texas University Armadillos





University of Colorado

Colorado State University

University of Kansas

University of Wyoming 

University of South Dakota 


The Gulf Conference 

Oklahoma University

University of Texas

Texas Catholic University

Universidad de Monterrey 

Universidad Nacional 

Texas State University

University of New Orleans 

University of Mississippi

University of Florida

Florida State University

Florida Panhandle University

Puerto Rico State University 


Great Lakes Conference 

University of North Dakota

University of Minnesota

University of Nebraska 

University of Iowa

Kansas City University

University of Illinois 

University of Wisconsin

University of Chicago

Chicago State University 

University of Michigan 

Michigan State University


Liberty Conference 

University of Missouri

Arkansas University

University of Tennessee

Appalachian Christian University Copperheads





University of Alabama 

University of Georgia 

Georgia State University

University of Coastal Georgia 

South Carolina University

Blue Ridge University

University of North Carolina 

North Carolina Atlantic University 


Coal Belt Conference 

Indiana State University 

University of Indiana

University of Kentucky 

Ohio State University

University of Ohio

Ohio A&M University

University of West Virginia Vandals





Pittsburgh State University

University of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Tech University 


Capitol Conference 

University of Virginia 

Virginia Tech University

Washington College

Maryland State University

University of Baltimore 

Dover University

Trenton University

University of New York

University of New Jersey 

Queens University


Northeastern Conference 

University of Providence

Connecticut University

University of Massachusetts

Boston University

New York State University

University of New Hampshire 

University of Maine

University of Vermont Foresters





University of Ottawa 

Toronto University  


Each school's identity "brochure" has three slides. The second has all the school information, below is a spoiler which will house the "key" to read this page.



Type of School


Religious Affiliation 

Campus Type (rural vs suburban vs metropolitan)

Size (1 person= small, 3 people = big, 2= ...well, you get the idea)

Flag- if this is a flagship program, only available in states with 3+ schools

Fist- HBCU status

Cog- Landgrant School

Tank- Military Affiliation 


To the right is a few charts. Tuition and acceptance rates are self-explanatory. Below is a "Triangle of Values", determining if this institution is Social vs Academic vs Athletic focused.


Below is a link to the map.



This is very much going to be a "stream of conscious" thread. There is no regular upload schedule. My work schedule is very volatile, sometimes it will be frequent and sometimes it won't be. I don't even have a logo for the league yet, I will be doing things that I am interested in instead of ticking boxes off (to hopefully keep this thing fresh!).


With all that said, let's get started!

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Love the start to this! That Vandals brand is solid. The one thing I would suggest would be trying to work in an interlocking WV for this one. Or even hidden somewhere like the beard or hair.  Also loving the interactive map that you linked. I'd love to see how you created that because it looks like it'll be really fun once it's filled out.

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