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Locker-Room Talk

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Do we have a thread about sports locker-rooms? If so feel free to shut this down or merge with the other one. 


Yesterday the Calgary Flames shared a video of Mackenzie Weegar visiting the arena and people started dunking on the Flames shabby looking dressing room. So I went down a rabbit hole of NHL dressing rooms. 


The Oilers get dressed in the large Hadron Collider





The Blue Jackets recently renovated theirs and built a mini jumbotron on the ceiling and  wisely removed the logo from the floor, which is always an issue with people stepping on it. 



Seen here with the Avs having to cordon off the logo. I do enjoy the large ice rink, which you could imagine someone using to go over sequences in the game.



Dressing rooms in hockey tend to be smaller whereas in baseball it can literally be a clubhouse, which seems like one of the coolest parts of being a major league baseball player. 


This is where the Reds get to hang out



The Cubs used to get dressed in a closet



but things have improved with the renovations




Share some of your favorites or least favorites in  the sports world. 


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I don't have pictures, but I took a tour of the Bucks' locker room once. The part that was interesting is how they pointed out that the lockers and entire facility, really, was designed for above average human beings. Once they said that, you realized that lockers were a bit bigger. Counters and such were a bit taller.

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It's where I sit.

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Unfortunately I lost most of the pictures because I changed from an iphone to a samsung since but this past nov I had the opportunity to check out TFC's dressing room.


This 1 min video will give you an idea of how small it is. That grey door to the right leads out to an area where the team walks by a bar under the stands and through the tunnel but there's also a laundry area there as well. From what I understand there is another level down that leads to a gym area with all those amenities. 


Here's me walking through the tunnel. My best friend and the groundskeeper chatting in front. 

May be an image of one or more people

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I've been in a number of locker rooms and the main thing I've noticed about the NHL are the separate rooms for changing clothes versus getting all the equipment on.  The European football rooms have the same thing going on.  I'll have to look through my pictures and see what I have. 

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Controversial opinion: clubhouses and dressing rooms should be like Mormon temples, where civilians and members of the media can tour the facilities during an open-house period, take pictures of the bizarre interior design, and then they're closed off to all non-pertinent personnel. When you get down to it, we're talking about extremely well-appointed bathrooms. Let 'em have their sanctuaries.

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