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Bye Bye WHAs Dallas


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WHA's Dallas franchise folds

TSN.ca Staff


The World Hockey Association took another hit on Wednesday.

The Dallas Americans franchise, co-owned by Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Ed Belfour, has ceased operation even before hitting the ice in the league's inaugural campaign.

"I don't think the league is likely to happen," co-owner Rick Munro tells the Dallas Morning News. "It's just too late for us to make a commitment.

Belfour, who helped the Dallas Stars win a Stanley Cup in 1999, was going to be in charge of hockey operations with the WHA squad. There were even suggestions that Belfour would suit up with the team in the event of an NHL lockout.

"It's very disappointing. The league needed solid leadership, and we didn't have it."

Munro says he met with league officials in Toronto last weekend to discuss the status of the WHA, but came away convinced there weren't enough owners to launch the league properly this season.

Last month, the WHA terminated its franchise operating agreement with a group planning to field a team in Quebec. Prospective teams in Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax, Vancouver and Miami have yet to finalize plans for playing this season. Only the Detroit franchise has named a head coach, former NHL defenceman Moe Mantha.

"It's too bad, especially with maybe no NHL for a year, that it couldn't work," said Munro.

Munro says despite losing upwards of $100,000 he would not rule out being part of the WHA in the future once the ownership issues get sorted out

I think we all saw this coming... this league just pissed on it heritage

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Wait a minute. The WHA is folding? I sure hope someone in the NHL picks up that Gretzky kid. He's got some potential. He coulda' really put Indianapolis on the hockey map.

I don't know, I heard Indy's in bad financial shape. Rumour has it they're sending him to the Alberta Oilers.

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