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It's been a while since I've done this. Hope I remember how this works! tongue.gif

Between classes, meetings, productions, modifying my WHA stuff for STL's site and other assorted things in life, I haven't had much time to create and/or post any new concepts. Until now!

Only one of these was created recently, but they're all new to the board.


Columbus Blue Jackets - Home/White

I've been sitting on this one for a while. I think this is what a jersey would look like if the Rangers and the vintage Capitals jerseys had a baby...

San Jose Sharks - Road/Black

This is what happens when someone finds a primitive copy of Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.1 and discovers how to make gradients... idea.gif


University of Oregon - Alt/Yellow

Okay... I, for one, LOVE the new yellow alt football uniforms! While I don't think football teams need alt unis, I'm all for the Ducks alts. I thought I'd take a stab at creating a hockey jersey equivalent of the jerseys. Perhaps for the club level team?


Two words: Coaches. Corner. eekoops.gif

Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome!

EDIT -- Several hours later, I realised I *did* forget something.  Template and resources courtesy Roger Clemente.  Logos courtesy TheSLE.com, logo.nino.ru, and CBC.


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Beaut as usual.

By far the best columbus concept ive seen yet.  I like the star shoulder loops, very nice.

never a fan of gradients, so my comments are biased on that.

oregon is good, i wouldent have put the big oblong O on the uni either. Looks like a target for teams to hit.

Don Cherry uni is fun too.

well done

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As much as you guys will hate me for this, but I really like that Sharks jersey!

Also, you should send that concept to Don Cherry, he might use it!   :)

2004 San Jose Sharks 7th Man Fan of the Year

San Jose Gold Miners - 4x Lombardi Cup Champions

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone!  I appreciate it!

taj -- Thank you for the kind words!  Regarding the Columbus jersey, I've been thinking that I should change the waist stars to the sleve striping, in order to keep some consistency with the design.  But OTOH, I like the waist stars.  

I understand how you feel about gradients.  I don't forsee making a lot of concepts with them, but since the program I found could do it, I'd make at least one!

Discrim -- Hey...  I'd wear that jersey!  I really would!  Those Molson commercials finally got to me, I think...

Puckguy -- I was hoping to get feedback from you and SHB on the Sharks gradient jersey.  Glad you like it!  The only problem (and I didn't catch it until it was too late) was that my program that converts .bmp files to .jpg and .gif format ALWAYS screws up the stick in the logo.  Oh well...

tmorss -- Thank you for the heads up!  I couldn't find Cherry's number anywhere, so I just went with #1.  I can easily correct that.

You guys have got me thinking, now.  I just might send that Cherry jersey to him, or his people.  If I do, I will certainly give credit to Roger for the template and resources.

Thanks again!


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even though don cherry is your typical canadian homer prick, i like the jersey alot. its flannel: perfect for a canadian.

Excuse me? I don't know if you meant that as a joke, but I am somewhat offended by that.

"Typical Canadian homer ..." You mean there's others? In the Canadian media/public, he's more or less a one of a kind.

Flannel's "perfect for a canadian"? What an educated viewpoint.

If you're going to start making Canadian comments, rule 1 is "know what you're talking about" and rule 2 is "we better know you're joking in good fun, otherwise you make yourself look very bad".

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I'd like to thank SyPhi for speaking up, and to agree 100% with him.

philly97flyer, if Don Cherry is what you say and think he is, why the hell did he come out in support of the Americans in the latest Iraq war and criticize the Canadian goverment ON A CANADIAN OWNED TV STATION?  You think a "typical Canadian homer" would do such a thing?  I certainly don't. nonono2.gif

As for jersey concept discussion...

SHB -- Thank you for the feedback!  The general opinion of gradients is understood, and you saw what I said, so probably won't be too many more in the future -- if ever.

I'm still kind of partial to the original Sharks jerseys, as they had a timeless look like the Blackhawks jerseys do.  If they changed anything, I'd like to see them implement the modified crest that Puckguy came up with...


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