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AFL Sydney


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yeah it's a league... is it AFL Sydney or Sydney AFL? anyone know?

It should be AFL Sydney. After all, their website address is www.aflsydney.com.au. :D

Seriously, all the press releases call it SydneyAFL, so I'm assuming it's Sydney AFL.

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The AFL is the controlling body for the whole country, and the individual state leagues are then AFL NSW, AFL Tasmania, AFL Queensland etc.

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales (NSW) and had it's own competition Sydney Football League. Now that the AFL has taken over management of the whole thing, it's technically, AFL Sydney, however Sydney AFL is also accepted.

Any chance of us seeing the entries you posted?

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i'd say to just turn the Southern Cross around a bit- or get rid of it as it is only a minor league and is based around Sydney, the Opera House outline is cool cos it is a Sydney icon, but the Southern Cross is an Aussie icon, rather than just Sydney, also i'd round the ball at the point a tad bit

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here is the one i sent in...


feel free to C&C

I really like the logo, but that's a Rugby Union ball markings.

The AFL won't go for it unless it looks more like ball.gif

You ball is pointed like a North American ball, ours is in between that and a rugby ball, which is smt_clas_t.jpg bigger around the middle (not unlike some of their players and fans)

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(clicky-clicky for bigger versions)

I thought about using a few different logos, but went with the Harbour Bridge in the end. The Swans use the Opera House already, and I didn't want to portray the league as a glorified offshoot of the local AFL team. And while the waratah had some merit, it's more an icon of the state of NSW than Sydney itself, so bye-bye waratah too.

Colours I went for were navy blue, light blue, red and white. The two blues are used by a lot of NSW teams and blend nicely with the fairly AFL-standard red, white, and blue. I was tempted to leave red out altogether but things looked a bit too dull without it (and blue footies look silly!)

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