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Six hockey concepts


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Ohta: Fukui san!

Fukui: Yes, Ohta.

Ohta: It appears that Challenger Shark has taken the color of the Iron Chefs' uniforms and used them to create custom hockey sweaters!

Fukui: Ahh, yes, it does appear that way Ohta.

Dr. Hattori:  And I note that Chairman Kaga is represented as well, although his sweater appears to be somewhat tamer than his usual flamboyant garb.

Unnamed, young Japanese actress:  Tee hee hee hee hee hee

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Very nice jerseys.

Maybe you could do one for Bobby Flay as well, with colors that symbolize the bitter taste of horrible defeat.

Ultrahip soulless mama's boy....they shoulda sent Emeril! Bam!

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Well I don't watch the show much and have no idea how these pertain to anything, but I do know that they are nice with Italy being my favorite.

well it's interesting to know where shark's nickname for me came from :P


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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ohta: so how did things turn out?

SHB: well I wanted each jersey to represent the Iron Chefs well. Im very satisfied with how Sakai's, Michiba's, Chen's and Kobe's turned out. However I would have like to use the american flag logo that Morimoto wears as the shoulder logo on his jersey

ohta: you mean the logo on his back?

SHB: yes that logo

otha: and how about chairman kaga's?

SHB: Honestly I was hoping it would come out a little more flashy then it did. I wanted to capture the true character of the chairman and some of the far out attire he is known for.

Ohta: the bitten yellow bell pepper on the shoulder was rather clever I think

SHB: thanks

Otha: so are you expecting a victory?

SHB: that is entirely up to the judges

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I don't get the food network, so I'm lost.  But what I am clear on is that these jerseys are really cool.  The shoulder logos are very nice.  I really like the cleaver one.  Did you create those logos or did they come from an Iron Chef website?
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all i can say is

Yomigaeru Aiyan Sheffu! [translated meaning: Be resurrected iron chef] {i got the japewnese words and translation from ironchef.com BTW}



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