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Retro mlb jerseys


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The Cards play the Orioles June 6-8 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. On Saturday*, the two teams will have a throwback night with the Cardinals dressed as, well the old Cardinals, and the Orioles as the pre-Baltimore St. Louis Browns.

*-I heard this as an ad on the radio, and I believe they said the second game of the series.

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So the Cards will... pretty much wear the same thing they always wear.

Well, yes, but I'm guessing they will go with a slightly different (older) Birds on the Bat logo.

That's what I love about the Cards stuff. Not that they never have to change their jerseys, but that they have the Birds on the Bat for most of their existence, and it can easily be modified to never look outdated. IMO, that is the best look to have. Tradition that can be updated. (Not tradition that people are to stubborn to make look good...)

In hockey the Blues do this with there logo, the Bluenote, and I believe they may have started this with their jerseys now that they have introduced some very classic yet modern jerseys.

Sorry to get off topic. Perhaps if anyone is interested in what I just said, they can start a new topic and leave this one for the upcoming retro jerseys.

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Here is the article.


Cardinals to renew acquaitances with former city rival

Weekend series with Orioles will reflect on the all-St. Louis

ST. LOUIS -- For the first time since the American League Browns left St. Louis in 1953, the team will be visiting St. Louis as the Baltimore Orioles for a three-game set against the Cardinals, June 6-8. Although the Cardinals have played the Orioles many times in exhibition games, the upcoming three-game series will be the first-ever regular season match-up between the two franchises.

Highlighting the weekend series will be the Saturday, June 7 game when the Orioles and the Cardinals will be wearing 1944 retro uniforms. The uniforms are reminiscent of those worn during the only all-St. Louis World Series that was played at old Sportsman's Park. The Cardinals will be wearing replicas of their 1944 home white uniforms, while the Orioles will don the road grays of the St. Louis Browns. The Orioles' uniforms will feature Browns across the chest and numerals in orange and brown on the back. The Cardinals rallied to win the 1944 World Championship, dubbed the Streetcar Series, in six games after the Browns took an early two-games-to-one lead. Saturdays contest begins at 3:05 p.m.

Former Browns players will be introduced during a pregame ceremony on Friday night, June 6. Friday's game begins at 7:10 p.m. and the first 25,000 fans 16 and over with a paid admission will receive a Cardinals floppy hat.

The contest on Sunday June 8 starts at 1:10 p.m.

Fans may purchase tickets for upcoming Cardinals games at the Busch Stadium Ticket Office, at any of the participating Schnucks ticket outlets or by calling the Cardinals ticket line at 314/421-2400. Tickets are also available online at stlcardinals.com.

So they will wear jerseys REMINISCENT of the '44 World Series. Likely that means they won't be perfect, but hey it will still be cool.

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The outcome of today's game makes me unhappy, but the jerseys were cool. The Redbirds STL looks like their current one instead of an old one, though. And of course, both teams wore their current batting helmets.

The telecast for the Cards was scary. They used none of the normal FOX graphics (game was on local WB11, but they split time with FOX Sports Midwest and use basically the same graphics) for the whole game, and the first inning was in black and white. Busch Stadium has like a stat of the day each game, and todays was 1944 NL batting leaders. I believe Stan "The Man" Musial was first. If you guys only coulda seen the Cards TV announcers. They had red overalls over a white shirt, and one, Al Hrabosky, had a hat that I don't know how to describe, but it was old timish, and the other, Dan McGlauclin (sp?), had a hat with a press pass sign. Was sorta fun sorta scary.

And, here are some pics.







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i got one beef with that stl browns jersey: one that shark will like: the 'brown' looks black!!! and i see your point on the cards' hats, just look like the current roads w/a red bill. loving the jerseys, though. i know vandy baseball is using a similar look complete with their own variation of the birds on the bat

edit: my bad, it's brown...the lighting threw me off.

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Despite the outcome, it was a fun game to watch.  The opening segment of the telecast and the first inning was broadcast entirely in black and white.  The picture was altered (probably through some kind of partial digital scramble) to produce the graininess that I can recall TV having when it was broadcast in black and white and you needed an antenna on your set to get a decent picture.  The score and stats that were put up on the screen were just like those most tv stations used in the 60's and 70's.  And the sponsors at the beginning of the game were advertised with flip cards instead of superimposed graphics.  It was a real kick for me because I can actually remember watching Cardinal games over at my grandmother's before she got color TV and it was as close to that as you can get in the 21st century.  Also, the uniforms looked great.  The only thing I question is whether the Brownies still wore the grey caps with brown and orange stripes in 44.  I thought they were already wearing the brown caps with orange bills at home and on the road by that time.  Perhaps the Orioles didn't want to go so far as to wear "STL" on their caps.  Using the grey caps would seem like a fair compromise.  All in all, aside from the score, I have no complaints.
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I can confirm.  The STL they wore in the 40's was thicker and had no white outline.  The hats the Cards wore on Saturday were closer in appearance to the ones they wore during the 50's.
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The Cardinals have never worn a cap that combined an "StL" with a white outline with the navy cap / red bill combo (except for last Saturday, of course).  This is what they wore from 1943-56:


In 1957, they went to the solid navy cap with the red "StL" outlined in white - similar to today's road cap.

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