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The Cards did their revamp, now it's my turn


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you might remember this past summer....when there were a million or so Cards concepts floating around :D I'd sort of started that unintentionally and since they're withholding the jerseys til spring, i thought i'd make everybody's day B)

the one on the right is my original revamp of the 70s running cardinal, and the one on your left is the updated version complete with the new cardinal head.


as I was editing, i noticed that this logo REALLY needed to be redone. I'm happy with the new version, though i'll change it to match the uniform whenever the hell they unveil it (hence I didn't waste time speculating on striping for now). Best thing is I can make home and away versions this time! :woot:

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They are the oldest continually-run american football franchise.

Don't you mean continually-run into the ground franchise?

pretty close. but i probably shouldnt comment on franchises that continually suck :wacko:

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maybe this is a dumb question, but why #98?

The Cardinals were founded in 1898. They are the oldest continually-run american football franchise.

ring de bell parrot, we have a winner :notworthy:

interestingly enough, someone asked "Why 98?" when I posted the older running card. "why not 1 or 00?"

for what it's worth, I forgot to mention that the older Card shown here is actually version 1.1, and is making its Creamerboard debut (the real original had a laceless white football and the stiff-arm was straight instead of slightly bent). I'm planning an Eagles logo that'll be somewhat similar to this one if I ever get it done.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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