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GD BOOTCAMP-Event 2- The Billboard


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Sgt. Cummings: Welcome back turds! Your first mission was a success, but don?t relax now, your next mission is here! I?ll let our next guests explain what they want?

JR: Hey guys!

Pat: Wassuuuuuuup??

Both: We?re Pat and JR from the Morning Mayhem!

Group: Uncomfortable silence.

Pat: We host a morning talk show for the morning commute in San Antonio.

JR: We?re ZANY, RAUNCHY and off the hook yo!

Pat: not now JR?.We want to expand our viewership on the north side of town. NORTH-SIDE!

JR: We want a billboard with our fat lards on it! It needs to let people know when to hear us, what channel, and that we are CA-RAZY!!! Come up with something to get folks attention driving down the road. We want ?em so intrigued, they tune in!

Pat: Here?s a CD with some pictures of each of us, and our station?s logo. We need this finished in under a week. So, get crackin!

JR: I?m SPICY!!!

Pat: ?ham is my favorite. Well, ham sandwiches.

Sgt. Francis: Thank you gentlemen. Get out of my Mess hall!!!

Sgt. Cummings: Now its time for something you hardly ever consider. Billboard Design. Billboards are one of the best forms of advertisement. If you took any advertising, you know that your cost to the number of times viewed ratio is through the roof.

Some things that need to be considered for Billboard design; The number one issue is of course readability. You want to avoid scripty fonts, too much text, and using all caps. Bold fonts are the best. Dark type on light background is the most legible. Remember however, dark colors tend to bleed into light from a distance, giving the illusion they have expanded. So the letter kerning is a concern. Kerning is measurement of the space between letters, and its control shows up as an option on most graphic editing software. If you chose to reverse the type onto a dark background, you?ll need to remember that the darkness will bleed into the light.

How do they layout billboards anyway? Well for this assignment you are only required to do a mock up. However, for future reference, billboards are not designed at full size. They are designed on a scale. There are two common scales, 1? scale at 150 dpi and ½? scale at 300 dpi. Most billboards, including this one, are 14? x 48?. What does this mean? That a production would need to be either 14? x 48? at 150 dpi, or 7?x 24? in 300dpi. Bleeds and pocket size also need to be considered, but that?s for another lesson.

Sgt. Francis: Remember, you do not need to set your file up in this manner. This is just for your information.

You have 5 days to complete your billboard.

Here?s a rundown of all the information:

Client: Pat and JR?s Morning Mayhem on NewRock 105.5FM

Target: Drive to work crowd, the crazier the better design wise. You want to catch attention, and get viewers to tune-in to their radio show.

Recommended Program: Photoshop or Illustrator

Provided Materials: Station logo, photos of the fat slobs. You have to use the station logo somewhere on the billboard. The photos are for guidance, reference, and any creative use you see fit. You can Photoshop them, put them in a scene or on a plain background, make caricatures, wanted posters, watercolors, whatever you want. Remember this is a personality-driven show, so these guys will probably want to be featured, so use your best judgment.

The Pat and JR Morning show is a raunchy, laugh a minute, 4 hour program that runs in San Antonio, TX Monday through Friday. The goal is to present a funny tagline, show the times and the station. The show runs from 6am to 10am Monday through Friday on 105.5 FM

Budget: Normal

Recommended Time: 2-3 hours

Shorter time frame this time, maggots. We?ll meet back here on 21 February, which is this coming Monday, at 1000 hours EST.

Template available here

Provided media is here

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Remember, gentlemen.... that while we played two roles in this event, the guys in the photographs are also your judges.

So, use disgression in your use of these photos if you expect the judges to be kind.

sir can we photoshop the pictures any more than just cutting? sir!

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You may take any action to the images you see fit. You may cut them, crop them, change colors, change clothes, merge them with other images, you can even not use them at all, if you feel that is the best path.

Just remember that JR is 6'2 and Pat is 5'10

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5 days...orginally it was 7 and we forgot to edit that out. We are speeding things up for a variety of reasons. These aren't terribly hard missions, we get bored, and to get done before The events of the 2nd Logolympiad.

Sorry for the confusion...before this is done one of these will go really smooth I promise.

By the way, I might have sent pics of a blimp with a goatee instead of myself. Standby for confirmation....

Damn, its me.

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