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Nats unis in action


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I don't like the Walgreens' W either. I want a W on the home and road caps, but not that one.

It doesn't match anything else in their scheme. :rolleyes:

the block "LA" on the Dodgers cap doesnt match their uniforms either. Think that should be axed also?

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The block LA looks good with the Dodgers' number font. It fits better than the W.

If the Nationals went with simple numbers, it wouldn't bother me so much. It's the fact that everything else in their sceme is angles and beveled edges, and then this cap is grafted onto it.

For the record, I am extremely underwhelmed by the Nationals' uniforms. I like the DC logo, but the wordmark leaves me cold. If they were going to use the Walgreens "W," then I wish they would have designed uniforms around it.

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Can we get the Expos back in 30 years? :)

Believe me, that's tempering my enthusiasm - knowing that Washington baseball fans got our team at the expense of devoted fans in Montreal who lost their team. (I was at the first Expos game at Hiram Bithorn in San Juan FWIW.) Well, that and the "ward of the state" status of the franchise, the blood money to Angelos, the stadium construction deal, DC Council machinations, etc... :unsure: The kid in me really wants to be unabashedly happy about this but the adult in me sees all the ramifications.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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