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Peugeot and the LA Kings


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this is interesting.


Peugeot logo


Kings logo

the lion on the kings shield logo looks eerily similar to the lion in the Peugeot car logo. seems like the kings took the peugeot logo and redesigned it to fit the kings logo.

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Who's more reliable? A Peugeot today or the Kings making the playoffis in their return.? If there was any problems Ceitoren (sp) anybody would have made a stink of it. The carowners who have then know where to get them fixed within a reasonable distance. If they did not know, why did they buy a French car iin the first place?

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It's called a Lion Rampart.

Scotland has it on its flag


Aston Villa soccer team also has it.


I should have said to everyone (or those who did not know) they produce poorly reliable cars. So who cares what it looks like!

And the Kings, poor hockey seasons.

Maybe that's the real plagiarism here.

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