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GD BOOTCAMP-Event 4- The Signage Package


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SGT: CUMMINGS: Well, we didn?t like dealing with a clown for a client did we? Always changing things up, last minute deadlines?GET USED TO IT LADIES!!

SGT. FRANCIS: Private Mings! Stand up straight. You know, if I was your child, I?d run away.

SGT. CUMMINGS: I?d like to introduce you to our next guest for your fourth Challenge. His name is Fred Aiello, and I think you?ll like what he has to offer you?.

MR. AIELLO: ?THIS, my friend, is Harkleroad Stadium. The home of the newest AAA baseball team, the Sidney FarmBoys! My name is Fred Aiello and I?m the owner of the team and the stadium. We need you firm to propose some signage for us.?

I?ve given your Drill instructors a CD containing the Farmboys logo and site elevations for what is being built presently. What I need from you guys is a complete signage package.

First we want a large freestanding sign with an electronic display to show the schedule. He wants the team logo to be on the sign, but the main part to be ?Harkleroad Stadium? The sign will become the logo for the stadium!

I also need some signage for the outside entrance of the building, a large sign above the scoreboard, restroom signage, and a design for the concession stand ?The Farmers Market.? I?d like the interior signage to be ?fun for the family? and ?humorous? and the exterior signage to be ?classic.? Our Board of Directors meet in 2 weeks so I need something by then.

SGT FRANCIS: Interesting project. A full signage package. There are a large variety of sign options and I?ll cover some of those briefly here. The large freestanding sign will have some requirements from the city. It can not have a size of over 1200 sq ft. It can and should be a lighted sign. You can do dementional lettering, or just do a flat sign inside of a can. The can is the part of the sign that holds the facing and contains the lighting.

SGT. CUMMINGS: I know all of you have internet access, so you may need to do some research to fully get a grasp on the different options of signage. Its just not something you can learn in one sitting.

For the exterior of the stadium and the concession stand you have many options. You can do neon signage. Also there is a kind of lettering that is called backlit. These are usually metal or plastic letters that are lit from behind. In the night time it gives the lettering a halo effect. You can also just put a wooden sign up or a lit sign. Its up to you! Do some research and blow Mr. Aiello?s socks off!

For the scoreboard, the area directly above the scoreboard needs to

incorporate the team logo, and the stadium name. It should not be

3-D, but you can incorporate lighting. the scoreboard will be hand

operated but there will be electricity ot light advertisors, and you

can use it for the sign you are designing.

The restroom signs can extrude off the wall, or be directly attached

to the door. Be creative! They want people to go "wow" even at the

restroom signs! Mr. Aiello recently took a trip to Memphis and saw

the restroom signs at the Grizzlies new stadium and loved how they had

elvis signing for the mens and a woman dancing for the womens. He

wants something like that.

Last thing to remember about a full package is to make sure that

everythign works together. It should stand alone and be attractive,

but at the same time everything needs to "fit" together. The look

should also fit with the appearence of the building. It needs to add

to the architecture, not take away. So, if everything is very modern,

you shouldn't stick rustic signage all over the place.

Remembr you have 2 weeks to present the following:

1) A large freestanding sign

2) Exterior Signage for the building

3) Restroom Signs

4) Scoreboard Sign

5) Sign for "The Farmers Market" concession stand

Client: Sidney FarmBoys. Harkleroad Stadium.

Target: Baseball fans, Familys

Recomended Program: Illustrator/photoshop

Provided Materials: The team wants a large lit sign in the front that

will become the logo for the stadium. The team also wants a sign for

the building itself. They also want to see your thoughts on other

signage within the stadium, above the scoreboard, restrooms, and one

consession stand; "The Farmers Market."

Budget: Very High

Recomended time: Whatever it takes

Deadline: 2 weeks

Now, I feel like you guys can develop a way to present this project. I've enclosed a AI file of everything, and a JPG of everything. I want this sent in as 2 files. One exterior, one "interior." Exterior includes the building signage and the freestanding sign, while the interior includes the restroom, scoreboard, and farmers market sigange. One restriction, please DO NOT exceed 1200 px in any direction. Send them as JPGs like you've been naming them. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME OR WATERMARK ON THE FILE! If you want to dress it up, go ahead. Put a discription below, go ahead. Pretend that you are presenting this to a board of 10 people.

AI file:


JPG file:


See you in 2 weeks maggots!

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Yeah, the point of the last one was the worst client ever.

I actually had a used cars saleman that was like that. I was doing some graphics for the side of a truck. First, it took forever to get the photos from him. Then, I got a crappy logo from him. Then, I finally got the right logo, so I'm all done (I used Bazooka cause I knew he'd love it...and he did...I felt so dirty) So, he sends along another picture to sub in there. Ok, fair enough. I do that. The project is off to production, he calls me up to ask me to photoshop the stains on his teeth off. So, I do that. Oh, of course he didn't want to pay more than his orginal estimate.

But, he loved it and we've gotten some more work out of him and he might give us a deal on a work vehicle. So in the end, sometimes its a good idea to put up with these crappy clients.

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