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My aves concept


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Move over Discrim! We got another TATC designer!  :laugh:

I can't say I like it, but it's creative. Also, I wouldn't put "looks good" or anything like that on your message...kinda makes you look conceited...just some advice


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good advice 9erfan  :;):  anyways, my biggest suggestion is to be much more creative with your designs, almost anyone can slap a logo on RC's template, color in some template areas and say they're a designer. I know you're new but its just some advice to gain some respect from the "elders" of the board (and no im not talking about age, im a board "elder" and im 16 years old  :) ) keep working at it, you'll catch on.
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It's certainly... interesting.  Not my style, but interesting.

You're new to this, apparently, so I'll make a suggestion or two.

First and foremost, try hard to make it look like something that would be worn on the ice.  Yours, for example, has the current Avs logo on the sleeves, but it's out of place, and not rotated correctly.  Also, make it a complete jersey, by adding a player name and sleeve numbers.

If you have a hockey jersey, lay it down like it is in the picture, and note how everything lays out.

Takes awhile to get there sometimes, but I'm sure with some work, you'll be as good as GMS and the "elders."  :D

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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Very nice concept _ I like the design.  Touch up those mountains and thin those lines down, other than that very good job Ramirez#24.

"We've got a winner" :)

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move over indeed!  first off, what is an ave?  i know what an av is, but what's an ave? :;):

i am sort of angered that u used the foot, only cus i hate that thing as a crest, nothin personal.  you might wanna tone down the mountains too, to where the striping at the bottom of a jersey usually is.  i did a UTEP hockey jersey like that once, looked great.


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Personally I like this design- would make a neat alternate for the Avs. I said on another thread recently that I reckon with alternates you should have a licence to go a bit wild- alternates should be there for designers to be a bit adventurous rather than just be a way of showcasing a third color in your color scheme. (Although the white lakers uni is pretty cool!)


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