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Kansas City Chiefs Concept


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I'm not feeling the number font ? it would be pretty hard to read on TV ? or the jagged side stripes. And what's up with the shoulder numbers?

I agree that some yellow as an accent colour could work beautifully too. I'd also rather see some red pants with the white top; not a fan of the mono-colour look, even with white.

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Ban the addition of black to any established uniform!

Oh, get a grip on the black thing. I like a little of black in uniforms. Now with that said, I'm not feeling these unis. Don't get me wrong, this is a great job, far superior than what I can do, but without the yellow, it screems "Cardinals." If you put some yellow in, and make the side stripe straight instead of jaged, you might have a winner.

Great effort though. :grin:

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I like it. I mean, it does need the yellow color IMO, but I like the black down the side taken from the helmet logo.

I would not extend the jaggedness to the numerals or names. I think thats too much.


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