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POST 800: 6 Uniform Concepts debuts


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Well, it was tough not to spend my 800th post on a number of worthy topics, but my self-discipline will be the CCSLC's reward.

First, a little background:

I've had the idea of putting together a little "designed-by" identity package for a while now, and the whole time I was searching for ideas one think kept coming back to me: 6. It's my lucky number, it's in my handle, so why not? Originally, it was going to be "06" Uniform Concepts (to be consistent with my user name), but Yzerfan's design firm beat me to it. So, to avoid any possible confusion, "6" it was to be, even though to me it sounds silly. Thus, 6 Uniform Concepts was born.

Now then, let's get down to business. For the next thirteen days, I'll be unveiling a design for each of the thirteen teams that make up the fantasy baseball league I've been involved in (both as commissioner and owner) for the past 10 seasons: The American Rotisserie League. Started in 1995 by myself and eight friends from college, the league has a dedicated core of owners - to the point where one of the league owners flies in from Florida each March for our auction.

These baseball concepts utilize the fantastic template by Robbman21, so much thanks to him for making it available. I take credit only for the design of the uniforms, not the logos depicted therein. Most of the league's logos are appropriated (read: borrowed) from somewhere else - we may know baseball, but we sure can't draw! ^_^

So, without further rambling on by me, here's the first concept in the series.


Yes, you've seen this set before. Specifically, last December. I've refined things a bit, and used some of my rapidly-increasing Illustrator knowledge to make some things better.

And before anyone asks, yes, all thirteen teams are done. This project isn't going to fall flat like the last one I tried did! :P

OK, your turn. And watch this thread for updates!

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Outstanding. The only thing is, the light blue lettering can be hard to read on a white background, especially during day games. You could either a) reverse the colors or B) make the outline thicker.

On your road uniforms the outline definitely has to be thicker.

Good job on the fonts. :P:notworthy:

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First off, congrats on your post count.

Now to the concept. Well, I like the uniform in the direction it's going, but I think that you need to figure out which blue is primary. I think you are going for the light blue to be dominate over the dark blue, so you might need to switch some of the colors on the road jerseys. Second, I think the gray on the road is too dark. It needs to be lightened up a little.

Otherwise, this is a great concept. Heck, if it was for the Jays it'd be an improvement. Great Job :grin:

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Ryan, great concept, im lookin forward to seeing the erst of your series. I love the idea of using light blue as a primary, i always thought it was underused in baseball. One idea, u might want to switch the white and dark blue on the away's so it can match up with all the trim on the uniform, which is dark blue. And I was wondering, where did u find Robbman's template available?

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Sorry to post late, gang, but I was away from my computer all day yesterday and couldn't get the second concept up.

That means when I get home from work I'll have two up, yesterday's and today's.

And, I'll have the cap logo detail for Brooklyn up as well, I know a couple folks were asking about it.

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OK, couldn't wait till I got home to put these up, since I'm not sure if I was going to be home to do it.

Here's #1, the Oak Park Falcons (my team):


And #2, the Pennsylvania Pelicans:


You know what to do... :D

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Dunno how this dropped as far as it did, but it's time for #4: the Norwalk Yankees.


I would have gone full-pinstripes on the home, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get the stripes right on the sleeves. So I went with a vest instead.

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More lead-balloon droppage on this thread? I think not! :P

Did the Yankees yesterday, so in the interest of equal time, I present the Red Sox - the Vernon Red Sox, that is. You might recognize the home jersey set. ^_^


I've tweaked my presentation template so that I can better show off the cap.

Speaking of caps, here are the two caps from the Brooklyn concept that led off the series, by popular demand:


More on the way!

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It's the resolution that killed the image. I'll have to go back and do what I did for the Vernon concept to the others.

If you want a better image of the hat, it's the same as the Rookie League Missoula Osprey's home hat. Here's a better look:


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New day, new concept up. I present the Lowell River Rats.


For the record, the grey I've been using is 429C. I don't think it looks too dark at all (at least on my screen it doesn't), but if any of the color gurus knows what the correct grey should be then by all means, let me know. ^_^

More tomorrow!

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