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What stadium name do you want back?


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As much as I despise these corporate stadium/arena deals, it's always been there. Wrigley Field, for example.

What I hate are the high-tech names like Cinergy and Alltel - that mean nothing - that have no emotional connotations to their towns.

The way to go, though it's a compromise, is to have a cool name, like Mile High, "presented by" or whatever, plus the sponsor's name. If it saves the taxpayers money, then by all means - sell the name.

That said, although this is a uniform and logo forum, you could make the argument that this is a "sports design" forum, and the archictecture of stadiums and arenas is fascinating, and can be an important part of a team's identity (Wrigley Field, The Buccanneer's new stadium, Lambeau Field, etc)

Does anyone know of a website that shows the current NFL stadiums, and lists which teams are moving into new ones? I'd love to get pics of the new Soldier Field and the one in Philly.

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Yeah you guys are being pretty hypocritical by slamming this guy and then answering his poll with so much interest. Anyway I'm not kidding myself. I think it has to be Comiskey, which someone mentioned has been the same for a hundred years. I tell you I get sick to my stomach every time I go up there and see all that black paint and those U.S. Cellular signs covering the place. *shudder* And though it's true that this has been going on for a while, it was different in the old days because you had families like the Wrigleys sponsoring the stadiums, not big companies with ridiculous names. Obviously Wrigley Field sounds much better than Invesco Field or U.S. Cellular! And in response to the new stadium thing, they have the new Eagles stadium in NCAA 2004, it looks pretty cool. I duno where else to see it though, maybe their website.
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Actually I think Invesco Field doesn't sound that bad at all! But obviously Mile High Stadium should have stuck! I voted for the Murph just because the Padres are moving!

In a very off-related topic..... anyone seen the pictures of Saddam Hussein's sons?

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