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Predators Concept


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The alt logo I made was from the N and the P used in the Skull logo wordmakr at the top. Im not sure if it makes a good front crest logo but I showed both versions to see what you guys think.

Anyway I'm really happy with the way this one turned out so bring on the C and C!

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Like the overall redesign. And I love what the Preds have now.

As for the NP, I don't know that it's better than either of the cat heads they use now, but it is clearly better as a secondary/shoulder and helmet logo. Another idea for the "NP" would be to combine the right vertical from the "N" and the straight vertical from the "P" and fuse them into one, like what the Devil Rays do with the "MP" in "TAMPA BAY" on their road jerseys. I don't like it for wordmark lettering, but I used a similar design for a fantasy baseball team years ago, and it looked kinda sweet.

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I like the new alternate logo. It's much more detailed than the fossil, and I honestly hate the alternate logos that are simply the 3Dized primary (also applies to the Senators).


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