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Cincy to Huggins : Resign or You're Fired


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Huggins to Be Fired or Resign

CINCINNATI - Bob Huggins was ordered Tuesday to resign or he'll be fired as Cincinnati's basketball coach, culminating a power struggle with the school president.

In a letter sent by the university, Huggins was given 24 hours to resign, or he would be fired and get a buyout.

Huggins told ESPN's Jay Bilas that he hasn't been contacted directly on the matter.

His lawyer received a letter from the university on Tuesday afternoon with the ultimatum.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, associate head coach Andy Kennedy will be asked to replace Huggins in the interim.

The 51-year-old Huggins has won more games than any other coach at Cincinnati, but his tenure also has been marked by player arrests and NCAA rules violations that landed the school on probation.

His arrest for drunken driving last year upset new school president Nancy Zimpher. Huggins was placed on unpaid leave over the summer, but returned and coached last season, the last before Cincinnati moved into the Big East.

The school declined to invoke a roll-over provision in the contract that would have given Huggins another year. Richard Katz, Huggins' lawyer, had been talking to the school about trying to get an extension.

Katz said Tuesday that the school had refused, leaving Huggins with only two years left on his contract and a tough time persuading recruits to play for him.

"We've been discussing with them for the last six or eight weeks an extension of the contract," Katz said. "It appeared he wasn't going to be able to fulfill the remaining two years of the contract because he couldn't recruit, he was running into obstacles at the university. It would not have been appropriate for that to continue."

Very interesting timing...why do this now? Why not directly after the season?

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Don't mess with Nancy Zimpher. Bruce Pearl didn't, and now he has a 7 figure contract. Huggy did, and he's out of work.

Ain't that the truth :D

Although I'm now glad Bruce is gone, I think he was getting too big for the job. Here's hoping Rob Jeter continues what he and Bo Ryan built at UWM...

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