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Thrashers Concept


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I expect people to either love these or hate them, I was inspired by FC Barcelona's Centenary kits...

Picture the home jersey worn with all navy-helmet, pants and socks, with the away worn with a white helmet and socks...





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These are unique and very well done. I prefer what you did with the away concept, I think it looks great, but I don't know about a hockey team having two colored sweaters. Maybe designate the home one as an alternate, the away one as the home, and flip the colors on the latter to make a new road sweater.

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I love the away uni. It could use a little dark blue and red striping somewhere (maybe along the dividing line between the powder blue and the white), but it's lookin' good.

The home......eh, not so much. I like the idea, but it just doesn't work for anything other than a fashion jersey really...

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Y'know, I love soccer half-shirts, but I'm not sure if I like them or not on a hockey jersey. It's an interesting concept, though, and a good start, but there are things involved with them that are just personal dislikes of mine.

- No trim seperating the major colour parts. It looks kindof like a rec league jersey in the way that there's no trim between the body of the shirt and the differently-coloured sleeves.

- No trim on the sleeves. I see what you were going for, but hockey jerseys tend to look very plain without something on the sleeves, either running down them, around the elbows, or at the ends.

- Too much white on a coloured jersey/vice versa. The away shirt is, to my eyes, primarly light blue, and it looks strange to me with that much white. I'm just not a fan of large white areas on otherwise coloured jerseys.

Is that the red the Thrashers normally use? It looks a little more burgandy-esque, but my eyes could be deceiving me. Also, it would probably be better with the actual numbers/lettering that they currently wear, rather than the standard block.

It's an interesting concept. I think with some revisiting you could make it work better.

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Yeah, all the colors are from the Thrashers' current color set.

As far as the concept goes, I was really interested in the application of soccer styles to hockey jerseys, especially with all the "Nike Swift" styling about to take place...

The away was really just an experiment in using white in an unorthodox way, having a light-colored jersey that didn't have to conform to the usual standards of a white away jersey, which is why I envision it being worn with a white helmet and white socks (maybe when I have a little more time I'll add socks, pants and helmets to the concept).

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When I saw the title of the thread, I got a pre-emptive cringe ready just in case. Now I'm going to have to waste it. These look nothing like what I expected, and much better.

My only concern is that the Thrashers wouldn't be able to wear non-white on the road. Light blue may not be light enough if the home team is designated to wear darker colors. That said, reversing the sleeves and body might work, and as has been suggested, some dark striping would offset the two lighter colors very smartly.

Great stuff!

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