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Keggers, Bad Gas, And Flying Pink Elephants...


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These are very nicely done, but I can't stop laughing at these names! :lol:

Bad Gas is the best!!! Absolutely effing great job. The mask is genius.

On January 16, 2013 at 3:49 PM, NJTank said:

Btw this is old hat for Notre Dame. Knits Rockne made up George Tip's death bed speech.


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Love the flying pink elephants concept.

Badgas looks like a 'nucelar fallout' project!!! :P

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:lol: Stupendous! But am I the only one who read Bad Gas as some sort of urbanization of Badgers? :therock:

Urbanization? I was thinking more along the lines of AlDavisization.

They all rock. Bad Gas is just awesome.

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