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Don't laugh, I'm not referring to the regular guys. For tonight's game, Mike Tirico and I think Sterling Sharpe are calling the game today. Is it just me, or is this Sunday night's crew better than anything ESPN has come up with for any Sunday night game? First off, no Paul Maguire-Joe Theismann arguments or Maguire's "I'm gonna tell you something" every 10 seconds, but this crew actually sounds like a good announcing team. Anyone else think Tirico and Sharpe are a MILLION times better than what they have now?

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Anyone else think Tirico and Sharpe are a MILLION times better than what they have now?

I think once Sterling gets comfortable he is going to be great. I thought they did a helluva job tonight. They didn't lock in on one player like the regular guys (don't even get me started on how Theismann & company go on about Ray Lewis) and they seemed to have a great chemistry. Tirico is great and Sharpe showed serious potential tonight. ESPN could do a lot worse (and does on a regular basis). Was that really Sharpe's first ever TV game?

I thought they showed real promise. They weren't perfect (give them a few more games) but they were really enjoyable to listen to.











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Contrary to popular opinion, I enjoy listening to the regular SNF crew.

Yes, they're far from perfect. They go on and on about certain topics and don't always follow the game, but they sound like they're having fun, and that makes the game fun (for me at least).

I think a lot of times the broadcasts get too caught up in the "it's a war" mentality, and miss out on the "fun" aspect. It's a game. If Cleveland beats Green Bay it's likely not going to change the course of history. Lighten up.

Consequently, it's one of the reasons I enjoy listening to John Madden. He's not the most cerebral analyst in the history of the game, but I'm watching the game as a form of entertainment, not merely education.

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