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Illini Basketball, New Unis?


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Ok, now I know how easily this could be a a fake jersey. Someone could have just thrown the name on a Luther Head "authentic"...

however...this is NOT what the team has worn this year or in years past. Not really close.

Its not what the women have worn to the best of my knowledge.

Its got the Nike "I" logo which you'd rarely see on a knockoff. (usually you'd see chief illiniwek)

A Smith that's number 4 has not played on the Illini for either the women or the men since at least 2000.

There is a freshman this year named Jamal Smith, but his number is 31...

The seller is out of Portland...

I dunno. I'll probably be proved to be a idiot on this issue, Maybe I'm completly overlooking something....




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Well, let's see here...

The Basketball-I isn't on the neck, it's below it, like a team name on a football jersey. Never seen that logo positioning before. Strike One. (Illini jerseys up to this point have used the simpler Circle-I instead, also.)

The tag on the jersey isn't an actual Nike tag... only the half of the tag that shows the size. Strike Two.

No NCAA jersey ever gets sold with a name on the back, unless it's a retro jersey of a former player. And U of I gameworn stuff gets the names removed before it goes to retail. Strike Three.

My analysis: Fakey-fake-fake.

But it does look nice.

On 1/25/2013 at 1:53 PM, 'Atom said:

For all the bird de lis haters I think the bird de lis isnt supposed to be a pelican and a fleur de lis I think its just a fleur de lis with a pelicans head. Thats what it looks like to me. Also the flair around the tip of the beak is just flair that fleur de lis have sometimes source I am from NOLA.

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Well number 1, that logo has been used on Illinois Basketball stuff, the women's team uses it on their uniforms now.

Second...nothing on the Nike tag...I don't know tags.

Third...here's an Illinois game worn WITH a name:


Like I said, unlikly somehow a new jersey style slipped through to an ebay seller. But your comments make me think its more likely that its just a nice looking fake.

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Gosh, it's so far off from what they wore for so many reasons. But it is nice looking. Like you said, I can't imagine that this is the first we're seeing something this different from a program this prominent. And finding out because someone put one up on eBay.

I'd say fake, but worth following to see what the story is.

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who cares?

It looks sweet.

How much is he asking?


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Illinois are getting new basketball unis this year. I have not found any pics of them yet. Will post pics of them when I do.

What's your source?

Don't mean to question you, but 2 posts, a 1 liner with no source, and me being genuinely interested (huge Illini fan here), I have to check up on this.

It kinda disappoints me personally. I think what they have now is pretty sharp. The navy blue uniforms are bad because of the black stripe, but I don't think they've worn those in two years (maybe at the beginning of the 2003-2004 season).

I wonder if there reason they are changing (or if it's the only part they're changing) is because their shorts say ILLINI on them, and right now they wouldn't be allowed to where those in the tournament I guess. I wanna add more to that, but this is not the thread for that argument..

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I got my information from the basketball forum on illiniboard.com. There are a lot of people that post on there that have connections to the school and are in the know. They say that they are getting new uniforms this year. They were supposed to have them this past year but Nike didn't have the orange jerseys ready by the beginning of the season.

Also, their floor has been repainted and looks totally different. I originally heard it was going to have different wood colors like the Supersonics court. But apparently they only painted their practice facility like that. The court at Assembly Hall apparently has the colors reversed now. The out of bounds is orange and the lanes are blue. I'm not sure about any of the other detail about the court (logos, etc.). I'm sure it's too much to ask to have a giant Chief head at center court.

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