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Pavel Bure


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What the heck happened to Pavel Bure? I mean I know he breaks down more often than a Pontiac but I hadn't heard if he retired. I noticed he wasn't on the Rangers roster. I wonder what the Russian Lemon (I mean Rocket) is doing these days? Not playing hockey? Not banging Anna Kournikova? Boy I bet he wishes it was 1999 again.


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I saw him play in the Tom Renney era in Vancouver. 1997 and 1998 seasons.

(Also the Mike Keenan era)

When he got the puck, the entire crowd was hushed as he raced his way down the ice. Then they'd cheer if he scored or Oohhhh if he missed.

He was electric.

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Oh that was a wonderful trade for the Rangers in the Sather error, how many games did he play in NY?

Seeing the Rangers gave up a crappy defenseman for him, I'd say the trade worked out fine...neither the Panthers or Rangers prospered from it, so it's even.

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