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the best and the worst of the nba


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NBA #1 overall draft picks of the 1990s:

1990: Derrick Coleman, Syracuse, Nets

1991: Larry Johnson, UNLV, Hornets

1992: Shaquille O'Neal, LSU, Magic

1993: Chris Webber, Michigan, Magic

1994: Glenn Robinson, Purdue, Bucks

1995: Joe Smith, Maryland, Warriors

1996: Allen Iverson, Georgetown, 76ers

1997: Tim Duncan, Wake Forest, Spurs

1998: Michael Olowokandi, Pacific, Clippers

1999: Elton Brand, Duke, Bulls

Ah yes, the 1990s - when #1 picks would come from the college ranks ... those were the days ...

5 of these guys would be in a Sixers uniform at one time in their NBA careers. Odd.

Best? Duncan, though Shaq could also be considered among the best. I'd say Iverson, but he hasn't won any titles, and you'd accuse me of being a homer.

Worst? Toss-up between Joe Smith and the Kandi Man.

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