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Maryland Terrapins wearing BLACK


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I'm hoping that #19 got a facemask penalty on this play..... :shocked:

they rarley call and offensive player that has possesion of the ball for a facemaks...just like they never call players with the possesion of the ball for leading with their heads. every single player that has the ball and is going for a hit puts his head down, but if a defense player does that and makes helmet-to-helmet contact is a personal foul.

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If Maryland still had the black helmet with the M and state flag, this black jersey would look friggin sweet. Also, it would make the red jersey look better because right now the Terps suffer from the old-looking helmet/new-looking jersey disease. The helmet with the M and flag is much better for these new-fangled Under Armour jerseys. I would even like to see the black and gold checks and the red and white cross appear somewhere in the uniforms. Use that unique pattern to your advantage UMD!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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