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Sabers concepts 2004


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I bet the Sabres will be using blue and gold before 2006.

As for these concepts, a few things. One, I think the current font would help the team stand out if they went with something classical like this. Second, you're getting a little too close to the Predators with those colors. Especially by adding silver, which I don't like with gold anyway. Third, I'm not so sure about gold shoulders on the blue jersey. Granted, it keeps the uniform consistant, but metallic shoulders looks wierd to be.

But hey, this is your design and I'm just saying stuff I would have done.

I do like the return to a classical style. I have talked to many Sabres fans on the internet, and they have said they'd love a re-colored version of the current alts, which yours is kind of like, so this would probably have a large appeal to fans.

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The Sabres will be back in blue for a couple reasons.  

1.  The fans love the blue and gold.  

2.  It's more distinctive, unless they use navy and metallic gold.

3.  The Sabres and the Hurricanes use the exact same colors.  The Sabres have two shades of silver(one is a flat gray) while the 'Canes have just the metallic silver, but the red, metallic silver, and of course the black, are the same colors.  The Sabres unveiled their colors one year before the 'Canes.  Pantone can back me up on this.  The red is used by a lot of teams that use red, including BUF, CAR, CAL, CHI, NJ, CBJ, DET, EDM, FL, NYR, and OTT.  Minn and Montreal use a little darker red, and Vancouver uses an even darker red.  Some teams use burgundy, which are obviously darker.

The colors I propose the Sabres use are Pantone 280C, Pantone 142C, White, and Black.

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I like the design.

The updated blue & gold are great. Not sure about the use of silver/gray, although it looks OK here.  Even if the colors are similar to Nashville, the look is different enough to avoid any confusion.

Also, instead of going back to the old logo, I like what I've seen on concepts that use the current 3rd or something similar as a primary. I never liked the buffalo head logo, but it works as a secondary. I'd prefer to see it replaced with an updated charging buffalo, but I think it would look too much like a Bills logo.

As a lifelong Sabres fan, I really hope the new ownership brings back the blue & gold. I know it's been debated to death here, but red & black was a huge mistake.

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I hate this new trend of changing everything from yellow to gold.  It's driving me nuts.  Why can't anybody keep yellow?  If the Sabres go back to the old colors, keep it blue and YELLOW!  Gold was not the original color, yellow was.  The Rams did it, the North Stars did it (at the time), the Brewers, the Penguins.  It needs to stop, this is of the trends I hate (like adding silver to everything and going with black alternates or adding black to the color scheme).  KEEP IT YELLOW!
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