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Las Vegas Aces


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After the doing my team I decided I would try my hat at concepts for the 16 team league I commish. Here is my effort for the Las Vegas Franchise.

I tried the secondary logo on the helmet and just didnt care for the feel so I went with the LV on it. The team owner loved it, but there is a bit tougher crowd around here so tell me what you think, thanks.



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I love the idea, and it's looking pretty good.

2 thoughts:

1. The logos all have "Western" themed fonts. So why the sleek, modern uniform numbers/letters? While I don't think that "Western" numbering would look anything but hokey, there is too much of a disconnect from a design standpoint for these to look like they relate to one another. The 49ers used to have a "Western" font for the wordmark, but used basic block numerals and letters.

2. Change the gold (yellow) to Vegas gold (metallic). I love the red/black theme (think of the 4 suits in a deck of cards, the colors of a roulette wheel...). But the yellow gold makes me think more of Germany or Belgium than Vegas.

Otherwise, bravo. Good stuff!

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Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions, I tweaked the gold somewhat in the update. I completely overhauled the wordmark and added to the primary. I still am uncertain about the helmet.


I plan on updating the unis still, just havent gotten to them yet.

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Like the revision, with one exception.

Not sure about the gold spade on a gold helmet. The outline of the spade is subtle and based mostly on the black shadow; with such thin lines framing the spade, it's bound to get lost on the helmet if it's the same color as the helmet.

Otherwise, nice upgrades!

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Something just hit me about the concept. Why not make the spade black? In a deck of cards, spades are neither white (as in your primary) or gold (as on your helmet). I don't know what that would do to the lettering outline, or the drop shadow on the spade. But maybe a black spade (red shadow? white outline on red letters?) would look more "correct"...

Otherwise, I like these a lot.

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