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NHL Canada


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Do I see a racist comment from our fearless leader?

Nope, you see milton editing my quote to make it appear as such

Well if I were caught editing someone's quote (and from the owner of the message board no less!) in a negative or embarassing manner, I'd expect a suspension or ban was coming my way in a hurry.


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?You don?t like to see 20 kids punching 20 other kids. But it?s not a disgrace, It?s hockey.? - Michael Farber

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Pre 1995...need you ask???

1980s Winnipeg white jerseys top the list. No questions.

Hartford's blue jersey with the grey background behind the W and whale tail was nice as well.

(but I still love the Isles jerseys...yes even the orange)

Oh yeah...and the worst...Vancouver Flying V

Yeah, I always enjoyed Hartford Canada.

A lovely spot.

I didn't know they had a hockey team though.

And if we're including the US in the best Canada teams unis, I'd go for Chicago.

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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