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Purdue in the black jerseys today


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I agree the black looks better... one other thing I noticed while watching LSU-Georgia this afternoon... how many different fonts does LSU use to spell those three letters? They have their end-zone font (which is ridiculously disproportionate and ugly), their helmet font (which is better, but it makes their helmets look very dated, and not to trample on tradition, but in this case it doesn't look good IMO), and their merchandise font (ie. the coaches' golf shirts had a non-serifed font on the chest). Golly-gee-whillikers... consolidate it all into one, and find a decent helmet logo (sorry if this is sacred Louisiana ground I'm trampling here).
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Speaking of gold uniforms how long has Georgia Tech been in gold?

The Tech uniforms have black numbers, which makes all the difference.

actually, those numbers look navy to me.  i also scream to georgia tech...pick a damn color!!!


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Well nothing says responsibility like your coach blaming his lack of preperation on the color of the uniforms.

Not to say bowling green doesnt have a nice squad, their quarterback looks like a real keeper. Their ugly clemson knockoff unis are not keepers.

However, I do like purdue in black, you gotta match the helmet and uni if your going same light color, and they couldent...come to think of it, no gold jersey has been able to my knowledge, a good reason to shelf them as a whole.

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