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Detroit Lions Concept: Take 2


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Ok, this is my second crack at the Lions. I've said good bye to my infamous first concept, The one with the Pinstripes...

Anyway, I decided to take elements of the Lions current look and some of my first concept.

I've kept their current logo, but added the bars

Kept the same font in the wordmark, but simpler

No Pinstripes!!!!



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Overall, much better.

My biggest gripe is still with the wordmark font. It's legible, but only if it's couched in a context that makes "LIONS" easier to decipher. By itself (and not on a football field, for example), it's still very hard to read. The "o" and "n" look virtually identical, and the vertical serif on the right-hand side of the "L" makes it look like there is an additional "i" in the word, or the letter itself is a "U".

The key to a good brand identity is easy identification. If people are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the word says, you've missed the point. And they may never know what you're trying to convey with your design. While it may be visually interesting, it doesn't lend itself to be read quickly and easily with one glance - which makes it a suboptimal design.

Same holds true for your "DL" monogram. The extra bar on the "L" overlaps the "D", making a design which could be clean and easy to read from afar a jumbled mess on the pants.

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I like these jerseys, but your pinstriped version was such a fresh idea that I am partial to them. However, these do look great. Still not feeling the font. There are thousands of fonts out there, so no doubt there are at least a handful better than Dark Wind for your idea.

I'm sure people will laud you for making your set look more like the one they wear now, and since it's your concept you can do whatever the hell you want, but I really liked how your original was just so different in many ways.

Good work though.

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Revisions get two thumbs up.

Don't know if your wordmark has found is final font yet, but at least this one is legible.

As for the new monogram - that's brilliantly done! Great idea. One suggestion - make the silver part of it white, since the only place I see it is on silver pants. It'll stand out better. But that's a really great idea.

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I haven't seen the previous version to this concept, but......

Overall, I like the unis, with the exception of the stripes on the pants...I would have tried blue/white/blue or just blue and white...the black stripe looks out of place....or maybe try a small black stripe on either side of the blue/white stripes...

I'm not crazy about the "Lions" wordmark either....The font just seems out of place with the rest of the concept....Maybe something not quite as wild looking....Just my thoughts....


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